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be. The Book of Secrets by Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh clarifies how we affect one another with our energy system. The author explains how a person that is depressed could walk into the room and change the mood of everyone, despite their best attempt to appear happy and okay. On the flip side of that, he also explained how a genuinely enlightened person could also affect other people in the environment. The effect is much more significant because the positive energy is stronger, balanced, and healthy. He went on to describe how positive energy can affect and be felt by other individuals up to 24 miles away. That's mind-blowing! Therefore, we must realize what type of energy is in our environment and how it is affecting us. But also, how are we affecting others in return? This effect must be what Oprah Winfrey describes as being full of yourself. She describes it as, ?I?m so full that my cup runneth over.? She went on to say, ?I believe you will never have enough to give unless you keep your own self full. That means honoring yourself. Your real job on earth beyond the minutes, hours, and days is to keep your cup full.? We are spiritual beings with energy systems. When our energy systems are balanced, and the chakra centers are clear, that positive energy can go out into the environment and be felt deeply by others. It makes sense: a person that is enlightened has nurtured the body, the mind, the soul, and the spirit in every sense of the environment. That person has created a space to heal by priming the parasympathetic nervous system. That person has achieved homeostasis, a state of balance and well-being. We can all attain this balance and prosperity; it is not something that has to evade us. It is not so far away that we cannot reach it. We have the ability inside of us to create a space to heal to have health, wealth, love, and happiness. Fully comprehend to what degree your thoughts matter. So, you can grasp exactly what must take place to make a positive impact on your life. Take note: you must not just think a thought; you must feel it, in every fiber of your being. You must observe that desire as if it has already taken place. ?Wherever you You must send out that positive energy and pl ace your surrender your mind, body, soul, and spirit at t ent ion is where completely! Then and only then are you you pl ace your capable of attracting all that your heart energy.? desires! The secret to this process is basking in the ~Dr. Dispenza~ emotions of gratitude ahead of time. Yes, be grateful for future blessings. Feel all those emotions that you usually do when you have received a blessing. Experience the higher-level emotions such as joy, service, compassion, and love so you can feel that thought. When you send out that positive energy, your thoughts, and your feelings will match, which sends out a positive invitation to the universe. Once you surrender completely, you will attract what you send out, and your thoughts will become a reality! Gratitude is the ultimate way to achieve the state of mind to balance your energy system. Gratitude is the way to make these changes in your life. When you are in a state of gratitude, then you are vibrating your energy to be abundant. So, gratitude attracts abundance! You can turn on the gratitude switch! This is not just expressing that you are grateful. You can say it all day long. You can write it and fill a million gratitude journals. But you must feel it! Send out that positive gratitude to the energy field. Take action on it! See it. To see it is to be grateful for those blessings before they have even happened, so that you can attract what you were grateful for back to you, like a magnet! Page 25