The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine Mar April Full mag - Page 24

Th e Fu l l En er gy Con cept By Debor ah L u cer o You m u st access th e fu l l am ou n t of you r en er gy to m ak e a positive im pact in you r l ife! When you are placing your focus (your energy) on judging others, trying to change others, trying to help others, and trying to make others happy, you are not focusing on yourself. Your energy is tied up with that other person. You don?t have access to the full amount of your energy. You are taking away and consuming the other person's energy as well. So, if you really want to help someone, you must release that judgment, release that need to control, and release that need to assist them. Remember, each of us has everything we need inside of us to be successful. But to achieve that success, we need to access the full amount of our energy. An equally important message is that it is our responsibility to cleanse our energy field every day and protect it. This cleansing is to support our ability to process and release thoughts, emotions, events, and memories that are not serving us. Protecting our energy ?It is real l y not field keeps our energy strong and flowing freely. Once our possibl e t o energy gets stuck in any part of our body, we become discover your caught up in our past. When this emotion lingers, in our purpose if you are depl et ed and not bodies our health begins to break down, causing us physical, emotional, and spiritual pain. Let me be clear: you f ul l .? ~Oprah Winf rey~ must first cleanse your energy and then protect it. If you just protect it and you don't cleanse it, you are anchoring yourself to all the thoughts, emotions, events, and memories that are keeping you stuck. In addition, it is vital that you understand how compelling both positive and negative environments can Page 24