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Maybe you are divided between the day job and the unanswered calling. You are the suit-wearing lawyer commuting to the office and at the same time, the naked artist with a canvas on the floor of a loft somewhere. You are the mom who drives carpool and the business entrepreneur, both. You are the juggler of a thousand things to care for, as well as the creative dreamer with all sorts of inspiration inside him. Whatever dreams call you, they aren?t a waste of time or a fantasy. Allow yourself to expand beyond the current story you tell yourself about who you are and what you are capable of. Anything is possible. You are the canvas. You beat death when you realize you don?t just have the dream. You are the dream. Wake Your Dream Up Today Unless you rouse your dreams from sleep -- free them from the ?I can?t? stories you tell yourself, I guarantee it will feel like regret someday. We tend to bury our dreams under a pile of excuses. What happens eventually is excuses wither up and blow away and you finally see them for what they were: just fear. Very human, ordinary, fear. Then, you?ll realize that at any point in life, yes, of course you could have. You could have written the book, designed the perfect house, lived the unique dream that is born in you. You beat death when you get free of your limitation stories. You are enough. You Beat Deat h by Buil ding Worl ds. You can create entire worlds. Just read Harry Potter to see how JK Rowling did it. Go to Broadway to see how Andrew Lloyd Webber did it. Think about Orville and Wilbur Wright who opened up the skies for the rest of us through flight. Remember Bill W., founder of AA, who created worlds of possibility in the lives of people stuck in addiction. Notice, it isn?t just the thing these folks created that is beautiful, it is what they enabled others to imagine too. Don?t Say I always wanted to? I never got around to it? I had to take care of my mother, and then it was the kids, and I had to work...I thought there?d be more time, maybe after I retired. I get it. Important things get in the way. But, a clean the house, reading your email or going on Facebook don?t have to get in the way. Fast from the time-wasters. Go create instead! You Are a Co-Creat or If you could only trust the Universe enough to put your life into Its hands and believe that your gifts, talents, messages and intuitions (all the things that have been with you all along) are the keys to your immortality. You beat death when you spend your life in joy, movement, and creativity. When you live NOW, in this moment. When you leave a legacy of love. And, when you realize you are more than enough. In fact, you are infinite. A successf ul aut hor in her own right , Diane Samuel s is a Creat ivit y Coach f or aut hors, aspiring aut hors, creat ives, imagineers, ent repreneurs, makers, dreamers, You! Cont ant Diane at CoachTheDream@gmail .com. Visit Toget her, we wil l creat e your dream come t rue! Page 20