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move, talk to people, jot down new ideas. thought in your head. This moment is all there is. Remember, if you?re alive, death is only a Creat ing is What You Were Put Here For. Whatever your personal creative dream is, nobody else can ever do it the way you can. This isn?t about competing in a tight marketplace, or comparing your work with others. This isn?t about having enough certifications or experience or confidence. You are a creator, sent to play on earth, destined to move our collective soul evolution forward by what you dream and do. You are destined for this. The way to beat death is to know you don?t die. You are part of the Divine itself -- infinite. Al l Dreams Qual if y Your dream might be a book, a business, a gorgeous wedding, a family, a meditation practice with a goal of enlightenment; a career change, a painting, or something else. If you are called to create it ? it is right to follow that calling. Now. Because now is all you have, remember? Don?t let fear steal all your time and hope and attention. Leave something amazing behind. Live so that when you?re done, you are exhausted, proud, and satisfied. Victorious. Love so much you are known for it. You beat death when you create a legacy that lives forever. What Happens if You Don?t Before I became a coach I had a different kind of ?come talk to me? job. All day long I heard about symptoms: illness, unhappiness, dissatisfaction. I listened to people share their deep desires, and the unspoken dreams they thought were impossible, crazy, or outside their reach. It was like they had a precious, vulnerable secret they had to cover up -- something they?d never bring into the light of day. Not creat ing f rom t heir heart and soul was making t hem miserabl e. Inst ead of joy and f ul f il l ed l ives, t hey experienced many smal l deat hs and disappoint ment s over and over, every day. Is This You? Sometimes people said it was too late, they were too old, too tired, too busy now that they had a family, a mortgage, or an illness. They put off their dream for another time, or they wrote it off altogether. For example? There was a therapist who had a half-finished screenplay in a desk drawer. An office worker with a glint in his eye who said, ?I am supposed to do something. I just don?t know what. Maybe after I retire.? There was a person who kept saying ?this job is killing me,? and who kept doing it anyway. Another young woman who had no desire for college but who just wanted to go live with her friends and do art. Understandably, her parents sent her to college. Understandably, she flunked out with a ton of debt to go do caricatures on the street. Maybe It Isn?t You? When you were little you had no trouble dreaming. You were a pirate, a princess, Super Girl. You said you were going to be an artist when you grew up, or a candy maker, or maybe both, you?d have to see. Some of your dreams got smashed or slowly smothered, but I bet some are still alive in you somewhere. Page 19