The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine Mar April Full mag - Page 18

How t o Beat Deat h... Become A Cr eat or By Diane Samuels W hen I first signed on to write this article, I was going to write about my coaching practice, Coaching Your Dream. I?ve been privileged to help so many people bring their books and other creative dreams to life. I wanted to tell you that when an author and a coach connect, magic happens and books that might never see the light of day, finally get written. It?s a beautiful process. It deepens you and lifts you up. I promise, it?s the best hard work you will ever do, (though having a coach or a mentor can make it infinitely easier!) And, almost as a side-benefit, your book can manifest wonderful changes in your life and in the lives of the people you touch. I St il l Bel ieve This, But ? A weird and wonderful thing happened over the last few months. My experience and understanding of ?abundance? has expanded into something bigger. When the time rolled around to write the article, I tossed out dozens of drafts that sounded fake and salesy. This wasn?t time to ?sell.? I was compelled to do something else. So: This is a wake-up call to the creator in you who is waiting to share their divine gift with the world. I called this article "How to Beat Death" because the best way to do that is to CREATE. The Time is Now If you are reading this article know this: the world needs what you have to teach, share, build, make, write, draw, sing, or otherwise create. If you?ve already been on a course of sharing your gifts with the world, thank you and keep going! You know better than anyone that when you are paying attention to your soul, there is always something new bubbling up: previously undiscovered gifts, awakened curiosity, skills to master, ideas to be born. You?re never done and there?s no such thing as ?resting on your laurels!? So: Never stop sharing what is in your heart. Live your dream daily. Be fully immersed in the now. Do your art, write, Page 18