The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine Mar April Full mag - Page 16

People started learning this simple system that we created and were able to experience amazing transformations. They could not help but feel astonished, as anyone practicing the system could end any problem in an instant, like an unbelievable miracle, whether a problem with their spouses, parents or children, business management, finances, human relationships, health, or any impasse they were experiencing. However, the restraining force that keeps the duality of this world in balance is powerful, and the voices of conventional thought ingrained in people?s minds told them, ?There?s no way these issues can be resolved so easily. It must be a fake if you say it happens in an instant.? This interfered with the spread of Miross. But because it is a ?system,? as long as you operate it accordingly, things can be resolved in an instant, be they emotional or mental. In order for people to better understand the practice and content of Miross, we named it New-Dimensional Thought Technology. You may ask how such a simple and solitary system could engender transformations in so many fields. What is common to all these issues is that at the core we are not these phenomena. We are human, and Miross is a system that dissects humans. When you place yourself in the system of Miross, you can understand yourself and the phenomena that occur to you. Thus, you can f ree yoursel f f rom t he t imel ine of t he past , meaning you can init ial ize and reset your l if e. You can demystify the universe called your Self, free yourself from any spell you?ve been living under, and recreate your life. This is the most exciting experience any individual can have. And it in turn transforms itself into the gratitude called love, and becomes pure energy that affects those around you. Rossco passed away, but when I direct my consciousness toward him, I don?t feel any regret from him for what he could not do. He did just what he intended to do and then transcended this dimension, leaving tremendous possibilities for us. The will of Rossco has been passed on to those who have experienced Miross and is being activated to move toward the realization of absolute peace. Neither swayed nor swallowed up by the current situation of the world, we have started a movement to help change the human program and society, without confrontation or fighting. At the center of this movement, we have created research teams called Miross laboratories that are engaged in research to bring us closer to understanding and addressing social issues in eleven different fields currently, including family, parenting, education, health, marriage, and the quest for truth. Their aim is not only to solving problems as such but to find out how to effectively prevent such issues as divorce, bullying, and illness. I believe there is much potential in addressing these issues from the perspectives of prevention. Those who have experienced the wonders of Miross know that the inner peace of an individual can make the people around them peaceful. Even if only one person in a family changes, the This is the very last photo of Rossco after his large Miross event as he was entire family will change; even when one shaking hands with the participants. Later that night, he transistioned. person in a workplace changes, the entire office will change. These changes multiply, accelerate, and expand as more and more people experience Miross. Today, as increasing numbers of people experience Miross, more people around us are feeling lighter with the loosening of the third-dimensional framework. They are enjoying their lives just as if they were at play in the world. This is in fact what Rossco hoped for. Page 16