The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine Mar April Full mag - Page 15

discovered. Today we seem to see the flashing of a warning light telling us the survival of humankind is in danger. This imminent crisis becomes apparent when we look around and see how chaotic the world seems to be: confrontations and divisions swirl ever more blatantly at individual, societal, and global levels. We humans are at a deadlock and don?t know how to truly free ourselves from this critical situation. Miross was discovered at precisely this time for a reason? t o support t he regenerat ion of t he human program. Since the beginning of history, humans have not seen a peaceful world. However, this is not a matter of wars being fought or ended. Rather, it is about what goes on inside an individual where she or he is killing someone, attacking someone, or being attacked by someone. The battlefield is inside. One may look peaceful outside, but that does not mean that he or she is a peaceful person. If we are battlefields on the inside, it is natural that the outside world? the outer fractal of the inside? will never experience peace. Miross is not about changing someone, or a phenomenon happening in the outside world; it is about transforming your inner world into one of peace by freeing yourself from a conflicted state. Rossco and I met in 1999. Until then, both of us had been going through a process of finding ?ideal? partners, conscious of our roles in the transformation of humankind. Because our meeting was miraculous, we did not waste any time deciding to be together. We were meant to meet, and the door naturally opened for us to discover Miross and develop it as a practical tool for anyone to use. We were born into this world for this role, and we believe that only with the key obtained through this partnership could we unlock the door to the world of Miross. Why did we ceaselessly look for the ?ideal? partner? What does it mean to be ?ideal?? The answer was hidden there? the answer to finding a way out of deadlock and recreating humanity. Through each other, we were able to understand the secret to our existence and find the origin of our own universes. Because we have, in ourselves, maleness and femaleness in confrontation with each other, it was impossible for us to achieve perfection no matter how much we tried? we have lived in such mechanisms. The real reason we sought the ?ideal? partner was to end the inner conflicts in ourselves. My partner indeed had the key that I unconsciously sought to perfect myself. By transcending the world of duality and the ?opposite polarity? called a partner, we were able to obtain the absolute, higher-dimensional viewpoint that could end not only conflicts between man and woman but any conflicts that exist in this world. What this means is ending the human program, and that would be the end of and ultimate farewell to ego. Therefore it was not possible to use conventional means. We?ve had to peel off many layers of ego embedded in ourselves to reveal what ego really is. With trial and error, we explored different ways to develop a system available to anyone. This was done through our real flesh-and-blood experiences. Rossco was deeply involved in extensive research and numerous verification processes as he tried to construct methods by consolidating human programs into a simple system. Page 15