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A Power f ul Message Of Wor ld Peace f r om Midor i, Co-Founder of Mir oss Editor's Note: After the death of Miross Founder, Rossco, last February, I had wondered if Miross, a powerful Spiritual phenomenon in Japan, would continue. To my great relief, many Miross Students along with assistance from Midori, who was the lifetime partner of Rossco, immediately went to work to insure Rosscos' legacy and teachings would not only survive, but grow into a international movement. I have been watching at the sidelines and became so impressed by Midori's strength and ability to bring people together to advance this movement. I am thrilled to announce that Miross will continue to light up the world with love and peace as we each begin to heal our wounds. Rossco knew he was leaving Miross in exceptional hands. I do believe, because of Rossco's Students and Midori, World Peace is at hand! - Jewels Johnson First, I would like to express my deep appreciation to you and your team for featuring my partner, Rossco, and letting us share the world of Miross in your Christmas 2017 and January and March 2018 issues of Law of ATTRACTION Magazine. Rossco and I were working together toward the realization of absolute peace in society with a firm conviction that this is possible, but unfortunately Rossco passed away in February last year, right after seeing the completion of the March issue. With this timing, I cannot help but feel a deep connection with Jewels. Miross was a discovery, so to speak? the discovery of a system that can initialize and regenerate the human program. It was like a diamond gemstone, and together we worked to develop a system from it that anyone can use in their daily life. Like any other discovery throughout history, it awaited its time to be Page 14