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ยท I have had huge success relieving allergy symptoms using Herbs in my allergy formulas such as net t l es, eyebright , el derberry, gingko, and gol denrod. Also, respiratory support herbs such as elecampane, licorice, lobelia, coltsfoot, yerba santa and many others. Herb/ Spice Heal t h Benef it s Bl ack El derberry Evidence suggest s t hat chemical s in el derf l ower and berries may hel p reduce swel l ing in mucous membranes, incl uding t he sinuses, and hel p rel ieve nasal congest ion. El derberry may have ant i-inf l ammat ory, ant iviral , ant i-inf l uenza, and ant icancer propert ies Net t l es St inging net t l e may reduce or el iminat e t he sneezing and it ching caused by hay f ever, it seems t hat t he herb can reduce t he amount of hist amine t he body rel eases f rom mast cel l s in response t o an al l ergen. Gol denrod Gol denrod (of t en mist aken wit h ragweed) is an herb which hel ps t he body remove excess mucus. Gol denrod al so cont ains high l evel s of t he ant i-inf l ammat ory const it uent quercit in, which, can hel p al l eviat e t he sympt oms of al l ergies. Ginkgo Ginkgo has been shown t o have a signif icant ef f ect managing al l ergies and ast hma. Ginkgo is ant i-inf l ammat ory and cont ains seven ant ihist amines, which make t his an ef f ect ive way t o get rel ief f rom al l ergy sympt oms. Ginkgo al so has been shown in st udies t o be ef f ect ive in rel ieving al l ergies, ast hma at t acks, and ot her l ung probl ems. Eyebright Eyebright provides a nat ural ant ihist amine-l ike act ion t hat can pot ent ial l y ease sympt oms associat ed wit h hay f ever and seasonal al l ergies, incl uding eye irrit at ion. Licorice Licorice root has a soot hing ef f ect and hel ps t o reduce irrit at ion of t he respirat ory syst em. Lobel ia Hel ps cl ear a st uf f y nose and soot hes irrit at ed l ungs. Now that you know what will help seasonal allergies, GO and Experience Mother Nature in All Her Glory. Nat ure does t he Soul Good! Page 12