The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine June, 2017 - Page 8

A few years later, I started an apprenticeship with my teacher, Mirabai Devi, that lasted several years. During that time, I experienced periods of Samadhi, when I would lose thought and be lost in a state of divine bliss that felt like pure, blazing light, which culminated in a kundalini awakening that lasted for months and months, with the energy rising up from the base of the spine like hot lava and moving through each of my chakras. It was during that time that I began to channel, and downloaded three books of spiritual wisdom, the first of which, Seeds of Light, was released in March 2017. M ir abai Devi Each of these moments required me to let go of who I thought I was, and the manifestation of the books was the single most important step in letting go. When the higher consciousness was transmitting wisdom to me, I had to relinquish control over the very words and thoughts coming into my mind, as I scrambled to type them into my laptop. I couldn?t control any part of the process ? including my own role in it. I had to surrender to the higher wisdom speaking through me. None of those experiences was to bolster my ego; I didn?t go looking to manifest channeled works. To the contrary, they were all steps in a process of letting go of the parts of me that I held onto. The more I held on, the less I could manifest. The more I let go, the more room was available for manifestations that had nothing to do with my own plans or my ego?s view of what my life should look like. I was being taught to live according to the precept ?Let go and let God.? When you commit to working with the Law of Attraction, there comes a time when it helps enormously to be brutally honest and ask yourself: In what ways am I making my manifestations all about me? When you?ve answered that question, now you?re ready to let go of where you?re holding on to the self. Letting go can be a scary process for many. The starting point, which many readers will be familiar with, is letting go of the results of the manifestation. Letting go of how your wishes will be materialized is a critical step in using the Law of Attraction. You have to develop trust that the outcome will materialize in ways that you cannot anticipate. But notice how this is still about your wishes. There?s still some effort to control. The wish is your wish, and that it will make your life better. Learn to trust that a wish that is meant to make other people?s lives better will most definitely make your own life better too. But your intention has to shift so that your purpose is about serving a greater good (again, without a sense of sacrifice or victimization). Letting go of the self and dedicating your life to a greater purpose is no easy task. It?s the work of a lifetime. But I want to share a breathtakingly simple technique that you can use to peel away from your focus on your self: Let go of the word ?I? and embrace the word ?we.? Use ?we? in your affirmations, in your vision boards, in your creative visualizations, and in your prayers. It?s a simple but profound shift in mindset. ?We? can refer to the people with whom you collaborate. ?We? can be you and your Page 8 - Ju n e 2017