The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine June, 2017 - Page 52

scream, pace and mutter your anger. Pound a pillow or punch a punching bag. Let the emotions out with the intent of moving them out into the open and healing them. Once you have released them, feel the control they have excreted over you. Recognize that you never had control over them. Move with the intent to remove their control. Accept them for what they have been, forgive yourself and give thanks they are no longer hidden. Give thanks that you now understand the source of your anger. Give thanks that it will no longer be in control. By doing this, you bring it into the light and it will become part of the light. It will no longer be dark and is transformed. It sounds easy but it is not. Especially self forgiveness. When we look at all the things we are ashamed of, cause us fear, or guilt, our inclination is to look away because it is too emotional. Our mind does not want to deal with these matters. Our mind gets confused and begins to breakdown if we do not move our thoughts elsewhere. More often than not, it is our minds that are creating the fear, guilt and shame that causes us to turn way. In order to be our sovereign self we must face these emotions, and let them out. This is the only way to be free of them, hurt as it may. You will need to be brave and have courage. Once you are no longer being controlled you will feel joy and a blissful freedom. A great weight will have been lifted off your shoulders. You will begin to experience self love. This is where self love can help expand who you are. As you move into your heart and recognize how wonderful you are, you begin to see yourself in those people you hold in high esteem. You will witness the superb and loving traits come to life within yourself that you have always admired in others. Some of these traits include a quick smile, easy laughter, confidence, calmness, wisdom, empathy, grace, understanding and unity. As self love grows you will become aware as to how you are connected to all things in Oneness. This means Oneness with God as well. While this great connection has always been there, we finally bring it into our conscious awareness. Our barriers to conscious awareness have been removed. With this awareness you will gain an inner knowing that you are cared for and loved on a Universal level. Loving yourself does not mean you want to stay the same, as re-creating yourself is a forever ongoing process gifted by the Divine. What it means is that you must recognize and accept who you are first. It is being conscious of who you are but dropping the illusion that you must beat yourself up. Forgive yourself for these trained reactions. Once you have this awareness, you can consciously decide and set the intent to become who you desire to be. We are all self-creating who we want to be and this never stops. We go through change all of our lives, so why be critical of something that is natural and inevitable? Change your view on life, as change and growth never ends, but it does become more wonderful and wondrous. Martin is an author and business executive who is dedicated to helping people improve their lives by assisting them to find out who they are and who they want to be. As a dedicated supporter of individual spirituality, he believes humanity?s last major hurdle is in achieving individual empower- ment and freedom. His passion is helping people to discover their true Sovereign Self. Visit his website at and listen to his popular show on Law of Attraction Radio Network by going to Page 52 - Ju n e, 2017