The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine June, 2017 - Page 51

not perfect at work or something else? For many, these events have occurred hundreds of times. We have been trained to dislike much of who we are. The problem is we then take it out on ourselves and then everyone else. When you say "I Am self love", mean it and feel it. Focus on what your statement is saying to the Universe. Know that at the center of who you are, you are divine, the rest is illusion and lies. The natural flow of life is to be calm and at peace. I have stated that any loving action creates ripples of love energy that flow out from us. Here I will use the ripple analogy in a different way. If you drop a pebble in a still pond, in short order the pond will return to stillness of its own accord. This state of calm is our natural state of being. The ripples are caused by someone throwing pebbles and we are the pond. Once you learn to love yourself, you become aware of your shadows and illusions that plague you. It is a process that many do not want to face. This is understandable, as we have been taught to dislike who we have become. This has resulted in our trying to ignore these shadows and/ or putting them aside so we don't have to look at them. There is nothing wrong with this. Nonetheless, it does not mean that we must keep doing it. It is time to begin looking forward. The past is done, let it go. Individually, we each have our own obstacles in life. It is interesting that when we read or hear that statement most of us, no matter how briefly, contemplate our obstacles. Recognize that truth. We all have our own obstacles in life. You are not alone. Contemplate for a moment all your friends, family members, co-workers and neighbors. They each have obstacles that they desire to overcome. Many of us have been taught all of our l ]\]H\H[Y ]\[\ܝ[Xۚ^H]X]\[B\^H]HZ\ۈ؛[\ˈ\\[\X]وZ[ۙK]\[\ܝ[X\\Y[]]\^[ۙX\[KX\[H\H\\ ]\[YHۈ[\Y[Xۚ^BXXYXHو][\\]\\ˈ]\][[H]HۙKY܈[XY[Y\\و[H\K\و[H[H[[ݙY܂[H\H[^\ [[HX[H[\\[ܙ\›[ݙH[ݙK]\[\ܝ[Xۚ^H[\Y[[\X\ۚ[[H[Y X\[H\YX[][\[^Z[H[YKX\[HYX[[HXۚ^H[\Y\[]\H[܂]^H\H[^[[HHY \\HYX[\[H]]\H[ZH[YK\[\Y[[˂]\H[YH[H^\Y[HY][]Y\HY]]H[[[ۈ\B[H[\] \ۈ][[[ۈ[Y[[\^HXB[\و][[[ۋ[\H][\]\[\ܝ[[X\B\H[[[ۜ[HYو^HH][[HYKۙ][\\\\ۙH[]]KۘH[H\H[ۙK[]HH[ \X^HY\Y[[ܚY\و[Z[\[[[ۘ[][]]H\YY][\YK[HX^HHXH[Y[X\Z\]\\[]Z[][H[Y[Z\YXˈXۚ^H[Y[H][و[\XK[[ [\[]\K[\\X\܈\]\ܙX]\][[K[[H[[\Z[YH[^K][ܙX]HX\ۜ܈[Y][[\[[[ۜ\H\YYY ܈[ \\H؛[K]ܚY\[YH LH HHK M