The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine June, 2017 - Page 50

L ov e is Inc ap ab le of F alling S h or t By M ar t in Neil Cam pbell Love is incapable of falling short. Nevertheless, most people believe they do fall short, so this becomes their created reality. There is no black and white solution for solving our issues with regards to our belief we are "falling short". We are more complex than a two dimensional being. There are multiple facets of ourselves that we can explore which weave our energies into behaviors that are either loving or unloving. We are beings of loving and unloving behaviors, until we are not. It has been said that in order to love anyone you must first learn to love yourself. While this may have been said - I can tell you it is true. It is a matter of perspective and belief. If you are self-loathing or critical you do not believe you are enough or worthy. If you are not worthy then how can you love what you are? You can't. Self love is one of the cornerstones to being your sovereign self. It is a key part of the foundation that holds your entire spiritual structure in place. The stronger our self love, the stronger our foundation for all that we can become. Nonetheless, be We h ave been aware that I am not talking about an ego driven self love. This is not t r ai n ed t o di sl i k e about pumping yourself up to appear better than others or by putting m u ch of w h o w e ar e. others down to satisfy a low self esteem. This is about entering your heart and recognizing that beyond the illusions you are at your core a Th e pr obl em i s w e wonderful and Divine being. How often have you berated yourself for t ak e i t ou t on something you have done or not done? Poor eating habits, anger, no ou r sel ves an d t h en money, addictions or something else? How often have others criticized you for something you do, have done or forgotten to do? A poor grade in school, a forgotten birthday, being late, Page 50 - Ju n e, 2017 ever yon e el se.