The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine June, 2017 - Page 5

I t 's Su m m er Ti m e! By the Editor-In-Chief, Jewels Johnson I am so very pleased to bring you the June issue of Law of Attraction Magazine featuring Dr. Dennis Kimbro. Dr. Kimbro was picked to take over Napoleon Hill's unpublished manuscript of "Think and Grow Rich, A Black Choice." Dr. Kimbro completed the book by sharing the success strategies from such notables as Oprah Winfrey, Spike Lee, Jesse Jackson, Dr. Selma Burke, and many others. It was published in 1991, forever changing Dr. Kimbro's life. Soon after that, he became one of America's best-selling Author and Entrepreneur. A true Law of Attraction story! Dr. Kimbro has literally changed the lives of millions of people, empowering them to fulfill their dreams. I am very grateful to him for his non-stop approached in delivering a message that we are truly responsible for our own success. It's not about luck... it's about how we think! Also in this issue is everything you need to know about Cannabis, CBD oil and Hemp seeds. You will see a dramatic increase of companies who are now selling these products on-line. In order to find out the best health benefits, I did extensive research to help you to be in the know. It is good to use Mother Nature's remedy first. Modern Medicine is great... but Mother Nature is much better! Learn the difference between THC and CBD as well as the nutritional excellence of Hemp Seeds. It's time we take off the stigma of marijuana being dangerous gateway drug and enjoy the health benefits delivered by MotherNature, herself! For your added enjoyment, Patrick Paul Garlinger has another great article that brings clarity to the Law of Attraction in which he delivers us from the Ego "I" to the "We" consciousness. This is a very powerful idea necessary for our human evolution. Melody Green delivers the Angel's Message that separates us from the material goodies that we all want, to remembering our life's purpose. This brings us back "to do what we came here to accomplish." Just a great reminder that the most important things in life are far more rewarding than a beautiful car in the driveway. Have a great June and July and remember, the Law of Attraction Radio Network is always with you, giving your divine messages as you listen in. It's amazing how that works! L ove to All, Jewels Page 5, Ju n e, 2017