The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine June, 2017 - Page 47

And those negative feelings remained for the rest of your day. The positive anticipation for your day fell with your vibration as you reflected on that number or that image in the mirror. The pleasant sharing conversation with your body* ceased entirely, or perhaps changed into short responses expressing your sadness at her betrayal. Other than lowering your vibration in all areas of your life, the other bad result is the experience cut you off from your BFF? again! Now think of a day when without your knowledge, your significant other set the scale back 5, 10, 15 pounds and the number thrilled you! Not only did your vibration rise to marvelous heights, but the rest of your day went Oh-so-well, too! Yes, there were two things at work to make that so: high vibration activates the Law of Attraction, PLUS body confidence encouraged warm friendship with your body and further conversation with her*! A better way to walk out your door! Take those plus feelings with you when you leave in the morning! A few short years ago, Shark Tank investors totally ?missed the boat? on a wonderful product designed to make women and men happier when they look at themselves in the mirror. The Skinny Mirror?s inventor, Belinda Jasmine from Sand City, California explained to the shark investors the reason behind her product ?the camera adds ten pounds. When you look at a mirror, you are looking at a flat, 2-dimensional surface, which is the same thing as a camera. On a flat surface, you are flattened and stretched out, but we are three-dimensional human beings with curves and quirks.? She continued to tell them about herself, that she had never had body issues, was a very active surfer, skater, ate healthy, and got plenty of sleep. Yet every time she looked at her reflection in the hall mirror before heading out the door, whatever happy mood she was in disappeared at the image looking back at her. When she shared this with a friend at work, her friend replied with a quick lesson in physics. Wh ich on e w ou ld m ak e you f eel bet t er ? ?You probably have a ?fat? mirror,? said the friend. ?What you need is a skinny mirror.? Bingo! The idea to create a subtle, believable slimming reflection designed to hel [HY[X][\H[HX\ܛ[ܝ[][K[H\\YX]\BYH HHK M