The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine June, 2017 - Page 42

awareness of becoming YOU! It?s a beautiful process whereby Life Source Energy is woven into our lives in every aspect of our existence. It is not about trying to be ?good? and living by the laws of a religious code. Union with Source is about knowing who you are without all the pressure or stress of being someone you are not. We are in a process. Sometimes we become frustrated when we fail to see this. But Source put us here to grow and expand as we have fun and enjoy life. We live, we learn, and we grow. We transform on a daily basis and we experience contrast to stimulate personal growth. Transf orming t o Your t rue sel f : 1. Prayer and meditation are the tools to use to attune to Source that allows us to look inward during this time instead of using our intellect or emotions that prevents us from discovering our true self. This may require us to practice prayer and meditation on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis. 2. Our true self is always there to lead and guide us into all truth, and it is the still small voice that transcends the intellect of our biological bodies. 3. Fellowship with enlightened people and those desiring to be empowered is also a great way to stay attuned. Those you hang out with will always affect who you are vibrationally. 4. It is important to study and educate yourself with the teachings of enlightened and empowered ones. What you read and watch affects who you are as well. 5. And last, but not least, a steady diet and a regiment of daily affirmations will reaffirm who and what you are for your spiritual empowerment. It?s true? what you say affects who you are! When we begin to attune, we begin to live spiritually sensitive lives that stay connected with the higher self and the higher dimensions of Life Source and the Universe. This connection allows you to manifest love, peace, joy, goodness, and beauty as you find yourself living at peace and be very content. You will realize that you have everything that all you need to know, intuitively. This is how you know you are empowered as your true self! Dr. Stan Gravely, Ph.D is a spirit, mind and body consultant who has over 20 years experience helping himself and others to be healthy, wealthy, happy, and free. Dr. Stan earned a Bachelor of theology and a Master?s and Doctorate in counseling. He is a counselor, law of attraction minister, alternative health care practitioner, public speaker, entrepreneur, and author. He and his wife, Jodie, live in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Please visit https:/ / Dr Stan and Jodie have a radio show on Law of Attraction Radio Network, where Dr. Stan channels information from Source and Jodie delivers inspiration to Entrepreneurs. To Listen, go to Https:/ / Dr-Stan. Page 42 - Ju n e, 2017