The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine June, 2017 - Page 40

A G u i d e t o Li ve A s Y ou r Tru e Sel f Y ou A RE A C h a n n el for t h e C osm os t o W ork Th rou gh By D r. St a n l ey G ra vel y, Ph .D . Spiritual Empowerment is learning to live in the spiritual energy of the cosmos spontaneously. As you attune with your true self, you come into harmony with the cosmos as you become an extension of the cosmos. This allows you to discover your true self surrendering your life and ego to Infinite Intelligence. You also become a vehicle for Infinite Intelligence like an instrument to be tuned and played, as a channel for the cosmos to work through. Life changes begin to happen through you as you become available to the cosmos. Your life flows effortlessly and with all bountifulness as you enact the talents, gifts and abilities given to you. You notice that you are no longer concerned about self or attached to the materialism. Your life expands in all three dimensions of life in harmony and peace. Yes, there may be times of darkness, but yet, you are able to embrace it and walk through it. Right before a breakthrough, you may notice that there can be a breakdown or a releasing of negative energy. This allows you to make way for new positive energy that encourages you to go to new heights, insights and strength. Amazingly, you no longer wonder what to do because you are simply seeking to be used by the cosmos as you attune to your true self. Your intuitive faculties may be Page 40 - Ju n e, 2017