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bal l et . So I f ol l owed my passion and t ook a 2 year cert if icat ion course t o become a bal l et t eacher. I t hen t aught f or 6 years but f el t l ike I was made f or somet hing bigger, l ike I needed t o do somet hing wit h more impact in t he worl d. Now, I am about t o f inish a cert if icat ion on heal t h coaching t hinking t hat maybe my pat h is more rel at ed t o t eaching peopl e how t o be heal t hy. And I?m st il l get t ing t hat f eel ing t hat I am not doing what I real l y came here t o do. Do you have any advice on how I can connect wit h mysel f and my guides t o f ind some cl arit y and f ind my pat h? Thanks a l ot ! Hi Regina, Although it may seem like you?ve been floundering in your career over the past 8 years, each venture has been preparing you for what?s to come. In order to get some guidance, I connected to you with the specific request that I?d be shown something that will help you find your life?s path. And boy did I get answers. First I ?saw? Flamenco dancers performing for an audience of patients in a hospital. They were male and female, a variety of ages, and dressed in hospital gowns. Some sat in wheelchairs, some were hooked up to IVs (I could see the bag of fluid hanging from an IV pole next to them), some were wearing cannulas (oxygen tubes inserted into their nostrils) and had a portable oxygen tank with them, and some were able to walk on their own. Over the next few minutes, I saw dancers perform numbers from several different countries. There were Irish step-dancers, Chinese dragon dancers, French ballerinas (looked like a scene from Swan Lake), African tribal dancers, etc. You get the idea. The patients loved it. I also ?got? you can start a non-profit organization that entertains sick people with an international dance show. You can utilize local dance schools throughout Mexico to train volunteers (some may be students at the various schools). I believe you can get funding for this project from pharmaceutical companies and from public performances. I also believe you can then spread your organization to other countries. What I've just described is just an abbreviated version of the possibilities. This one enterprise can utilize many of your skill sets. Your dance teacher, health industry, and marketing backgrounds could all come in handy. As an inventor and serial entrepreneur myself, I?ve had lots of experience with this. You get an idea, research its feasibility, and take one step at a time. As you stay focused on what you want to accomplish, the adventure will unfold in ways you can?t imagine. It?s almost magical. We all have access to continual guidance. Just ask a question in your head. Be as specific as possible (spirits are very literal). The answer will come within the first second. If it takes longer than a couple seconds, that'll be your brain answering you. It's best to preface the question with "Is it in my best interest to" and then fill in the rest. The more you use this technique, the better you'll get at receiving beneficial suggestions. Hope this information sparks some ideas for you. Julie Ryan, Psychic and Medical Intuitive, can be heard on The Law of Attraction Radio Network. The Ask Julie Ryan Show welcomes callers on Thursdays at 8pm ET, 7pm CT, 5pm PT and online submissions that may be answered on the air. For more information please go to Page 37 - Ju n e, 2017