The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine June, 2017 - Page 30

For far too long Hill, like so many, believed the myth that those we call genius, gifted, successful, talented, prodigies are cut from a different cloth. When, in actuality, those who are clear in their thinking and affirmative in their mind find self-fulfillment regardless of their circumstances or station in life. Ironically, there was nothing new about Carnegie?s teachings. Far from it. What Carnegie and his contemporaries proved? from the innovation of Henry Ford to the wizardry of Thomas Edison to the daring of John David Rockefeller; and what the likes of Bill Gates, Bob Johnson, Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey, and Sara Blakely validated is as old as time itself. Passed down from generation to generation, from the great mystical teachers to the enlightened ones to the transcendentalists to the new thought movement, here lies the secret of the ages. In simplest terms, the universe takes on your dominant thought. Whatever you are searching for is sea rching for YOU. There?s no need to beg, barter, bargain, plead or beseech the universe. If you believe the ?system is rigged,? it?s rigged in your favor. As within, so without. G OD I S THE E LECTRI CI TY BUT YOU A RE THE L A M P D ENNI S K I M BRO Why stand there with arms folded begging the Creator for blessings He has already bestowed? Have you not been instructed ?whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure? think on these things?? The Almighty can only do for you what you allow Him to do through you. God is the electricity but you are the lamp. You need only to turn on the switch. The greatest gift you can give yourself is the ability and willingness to change your mind. By aligning your personal attitudes with the mental laws that govern the universe you can create the life that you desire; a life where you want nothing and attract everything. Remarkably, the power and force contained in this mental law has gone global. Prior to his death in 1970, Hill wrote a manuscript specifically aimed at Black America and a spin-off of his greatest effort, Think and Grow Rich. Though the manuscript was never published, it was preserved by the foundation that bears his name, and made available to me, a young unknown writer. Though I never met Napoleon Hill, I did meet and develop a relationship with his manager and business partner, W. Clement Stone. And, on November 4, 1986? nearly eighty years later? my life changed forever. What eventually became Think and Grow Rich: A Black Choice was released in 1991, and became an instant best-seller. It is seldom that a single book can affect the lives of an entire generation, not to mention the lives of future generations, but in 365 pages Think and Grow Rich: A Black Choice did just that. Why? Because at its introduction I set a simple yet doable goal: To capture Hill?s motivational and inspirational writing style as I urged my readers to uncover the secrets of success. Moreover, I hoped to fill an Page 30 - Ju n e, 2017