The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine June, 2017 - Page 29

?Th e h a nd o f d e s t iny r e a c h e d o ut t o me ,? is how Napoleon Hill, America?s most prolific self-help writer captured that moment on a warm autumn day in 1908 when he met his mentor. At age 26, Hill was a novice reporter trolling for stories for the non-descript Bob Taylor magazine hoping to launch his writing career. Through some quirky set of arrangements, an editor was able to finagle a brief encounter between Hill and Andrew Carnegie, the famed industrialist who, at the time, was easily the world?s richest. Penniless and with no formal education, by age 35 Carnegie built the U.S. railroad system and had amassed a personal fortune in excess of $350 million. For Hill, listening to this wealth creator expound on his ?principles for achievement? was an enlightening experience. And, what was originally scheduled as a one-hour interview quickly morphed into a life altering week end affair. As Hill made his way to the steel magnate?s 64-room mansion buttressed on New York City?s Fifth Avenue and Central Park, it was the first time in his life had he ever witnesssed such expansive wealth. Once he entered the gates, a butler escorted him to Carnegie?s study which was beyond words. Thousands of books, aphorisms, quotations and motivational teachings lined every wall. Carnegie felt that his words were having a profound effect on his impressionable guest, and that the young Napoleon Hill was more than just a good listener who appreciated the titan?s wisdom. He sensed in Hill a perceptive mind and an intense desire to learn and grow both spiritually and financially so much so that, three decades later, their conversation would become the foundation for Hill?s most noted work? Think and Grow Rich? the best-selling and most acclaimed self-improvement book ever written. Napoleon Hill As they strolled through the millionaire?s lush private garden, Carnegie offered Hill the keys to the kingdom: (1) ?The Creat or best owed upon each of us a pricel ess gif t ? t he abil it y t o t hink and envision in any manner we so choose. Not hing can def eat t he passionat e commit t ed mind. Those who wil l cont rol t heir t hinking wil l be given t he key t o inner peace and abundant riches.? An dr ew Car n egie (2) The onl y l imit at ions are t hose t hat we pl ace on oursel ves. By choosing t o def ine l if e on your t erms you t ake t he f irst st ep t o your dest iny? but you must choose. Unf ort unat el y, so many of us awake each morning wit h f ear in our heart s and dread in our mind. We have f orgot t en t he basic t enet of l if e: We were given dominion over t his worl d. No one can rise above t heir l evel of vision. Remember, t he man or woman who guides a pushcart t hrough t he al l ey t o col l ect cans and t at t ered rags wil l remain bet ween t he shaf t s of his ricket y cart as l ong as he bel ieves t hat he has no t al ent or gif t t o do anyt hing el se. The great est obst acl e t o f inancial success is t he undiscipl ined mind. And (3) ?The accompl ishment s of a f ew can be achieved by you if, and only when, YOU are ready! It st ands t o reason in His name, has it not been writ t en ? These things I do shall ye do also, and greater things than these shall ye do?? What ever t he mind can conceive and bel ieve, it can achieve.? In short , the Law of Attraction! After that fateful meeting Hill was literally on cloud nine. He was so excited he could barely keep a thought in his head. In a nutshell, he had been given a new way of thinking, a new philosophy, a new outlook, a new technology based on the premise that mindset matters. Page 29 - Ju n e, 2017