The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine June, 2017 - Page 22

The best question you can ask is: What do I need to so today to help manifest my dream of? But t here is much more. You have come in to do more than manifest your dreams. You are here to evolve and serve the world with your unique brilliance. This is your soul mission and for each one of you it is a unique part of the whole. To know what your soul mission is t here are a f ew basic t hings you need t o do: 1) Allow your soul to come through you (this will require you to question your motives and check in with yourself regularly to see you are on the right track) 2) Make it your intention to choose to live from your soul?s expression rather than your ego?s. Once your soul hears this from you, there will be a shift in what?s important to you. It?s almost like you have suddenly gained a conscience where before you were only self interested. Your focus will be more from a space of ?How can I use my talents, skills, core gifts to serve rather than take?? You?ll understand this better when you realize you are not acting in fear (which will feel as though it?s on the surface of you) but from a deep silence within you. This well of silence is where you soul sits waiting for the chance to act. 3) Develop your intuition to a degree you can trust what comes through you and act from that space, not just occasionally but all the time. 4) Practice with play, joy and pleasure. Yes it?s important not to get laid down with heaviness and the desire for perfection. There is no wrong way t