The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine June, 2017 - Page 21

of your planet, war and unrest? All the challenges you are seeing in the world is a result of your projected beliefs and emotions from a time before this now. A time that brings out your worst fears by believing in limited resources and when you start to be driven by hate and greed. One of the reasons we?ve been assisting you in so many ways is to help you understand universal laws and your individual power to transform your thinking, beliefs and emotions. In an ever expanding universe things are always evolving into more. What cannot grow will die and becomes the fertiliser of the new growth. This is important to understand for the universe is never still, stuck or going backwards. Your own astrology shows you this every time you say a planet is in a retrograde period, as it appears to go backwards but in reality is not. It?s your perception of it and your relationship to the planet that makes it look like this is happening. Now if your thinking, feeling and beliefs have got stuck, then you will keep repeating the same patterns until such time as something ?major? happens to change the patterning. Melody calls this ?being hit over the head with a 4? x 2? piece of timber! ?(much laughter from the angels here!) In other words, we angels and your guides try hard to prompt you to make the best choices for you, but when your ego resists and thinks it knows better, well that?s when we may have to apply the ?4 x 2?. We work with your intuition to help you remember your soul?s mission for this life time. This is one of the main reasons for you to have your intuition. Many of you get very upset when you receive psychic readings and they do not reflect what you want to have happen. But we are not interested in your ego, because we know that can lead you astray. Often the choices you make with it are not really the right ones for you and do not reflect the life your soul wanted for you. Not following your soul?s mission is a bit like deciding to go from New York to San Francisco via Timbuktu and a slow boat ride through China! What you instinctively know is there is something else you need to be doing but aren?t. This makes you feel frustrated, off course and like you?re missing something. In other words, this causes you to suffer in life rather than live it joyfully. Your life mission is your map through life and your intuition is your GPS. When these work in harmony you see a person moving through their life in flow from one moment to another and their life evolves. But when that doesn?t happen you get blocks, feel stuck, need to fight and feel like everything is hard work. Now we do not want you to think that once you?ve decided on something and done your mindset exercises ,it will come to you magically. This is where many on the Law of Attraction pathway became stuck. You do need to act and you need to take action almost every day. The way to find out what that action is, is to allow your intuition to give you the answers. Page 21 - Ju n e, 2017