The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine June, 2017 - Page 16

?W h at d o you d o w h en you go t o a r est aur ant & p lac e an or d er ? " What is the first thing you do after being seated? Probably, look at a menu, right? Do you decide on what you want based on what appeals to you or do you cross items off due to cost? Well, what is it? Are you in to treat yourself and cost doesn?t matter? OR, is cost a primary consideration when you dine out? For that matter, is cost usually a primary consideration or is it your enjoyment? Is it your delight or pocketbook that rules you? Consider these questions. Now, let us move on. After choosing hopefully something you really want, you place your order, along with any cooking specifics or side dishes. LET?S REVIEW. You decided what you want then you make your order. You speak it. Speak What You Seek Unt il You See What You?ve Said Then you wait while they prepare your food and bring it to you. Consider this: You did your part. You determined what you want and you told them that you wanted it. Now they do their part which is out of your hands. They prepare and make it to order. You don?t micromanage the chef and the kitchen. You wait at your seat, expecting to get it to your liking. Eventually, they serve it to you. If it is not to your liking you explain the change and they go back to the kitchen to do over. They bring it back, corrected. You dine. Hopefully, it is now to your liking. If so, you proceed to consume it. Then you pay for what you received and happily go on you way having had your order fulfilled. If it was awesome tasty and the service wonderful, perhaps, you leave a great tip. What You Say Is What You Get ? Decl are It And Af f irm It You had a delightful culinary experience. You decided what you wanted, what you would like, and ordered it. Waited, received it, paid for it, and moved on. Those are parts that involve you. We don?t have to know the ?how to? details to get it. That is beyond our scope. It is simple. You place your order, wait for it, make the exchange and take your order. Done. You don?t do everyone else?s job. You only concentrate on your part and enjoy the goods. Do you get this, yet? There is what you do and then there is what ______________ does. Page 16 - Ju n e, 2017