The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine June, 2017 - Page 13

it is for the human mind to conceive, from that perspective, everything in life is a manifestation of divine love and every experience serves the purpose of creation and expansion for us to know our True Infinite Being. For instance, whilst the mind is condemning lack and figuring out how to attract abundance, the True Self could very much be revering at this chance of knowing ourselves as abundance and expansion. As the mind is craving for external love and approval, the True Self could be coming from the perspective of wanting to use this opportunity for us to go inward and remember our unconditional worth. Whenever there is a contrast between the perspective of the mind, and the perspective of the True Self, we experience what we call a negative emotion which is nothing more than a split feeling between what we think we are experiencing, and what the True Self is experiencing. It is its way of intuitively providing us with an indicator and reminder that we have wandered far from our true essence. True Self alignment usually occurs as a result of surrendering the false control of the ego. However, we can all harness the wisdom of the True Self at any moment by meditating and reflecting on the deeper meaning of any experience. After allowing ourselves to experience whatever emotions we need to experience, we can play a game with ourselves by making believe that we chose this event on some level even if the human part of us does not understand why, or would never choose it. It doesn?t have to be serious and we can just open ourselves up to curiosity by asking, ?If I did have a reason to choose to experience this, and the reason was to serve me in my own evolution, what would it be?? We can also do a journaling activity by making an intention to step into the voice of the True Self, and write down whatever its perspective is. The point of both exercises is to offer us the opportunity to see beyond the ego perspective and re-contextualize our experience. By doing so, we are utilizing the infinite wisdom we all have as Source Energy and transforming our experiences. The more we can embody the True Self, the easier it is for us to live from a place of lasting presence, consciousness and inner-peace. If in the beginning, you feel you are not certain what your True Self may say and you are only making it up, congratulations! Your whole reality is made up in your head, so what difference does it make if it sounds like your imagination is trying to comfort you and make you see the light in each situation? Only you have power over your thoughts, and since your thoughts create your reality, that means you have power over the creation of your entire life. There are millions of ways to for us to be in the vibration of conscious creation. Experiment, get creative, be consistent and most importantly, have fun! Your imagination is the limit. Juliet Tang is a Consciousness Empowerment Coach who coaches clients internationally via Skype. She began her spiritual journey at a young age, has trained with various innovative spiritual leaders and integrative medicine pioneers, and specializes in empowering others to expand their consciousness, embrace their true power and master deliberate manifestation using a combination of coaching, visualization, NLP, trance work and mindfulness techniques. Juliet holds a BA in psychology and MA in education, and was a social worker and educator with a decade of teaching experience. She iholds monthly in-person workshops on conscious creation and Reiki Certification in Midtown, NYC. During her spare time, Juliet enjoys photography, oil painting, writing and hiking. For more information about Juliet, please visit Page 13 - Ju n e, 2017