The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine June, 2017 - Page 12

3. Underst and t he Echoes of t he Past Many folks who are going through an awakening often complain the bliss is not long-lasting, and it is so easy to get sucked back into past conditioning. The reason for that is because our past vibration, especially if we spent a long time dwelling in that vibration by investing our energy in disempowering beliefs can bring us temporary echoes which are people and experiences of similar vibration until the residual energy of past disempowerment is cleared from our belief system. It is important for us to not get down on ourselves as we are reprogramming our mindset, and to view it as a process rather than an overnight shift. Not speaking my truths and compromising my needs was a pattern I held for decades. When I was going through the reprogramming mode which lasted about a year, whenever I experienced an echo from the past, rather than throwing my hands up in the air going ?not again? (and if that happens, it is completely ok. We always have the next moment), I found it much easier to approach the echo with gratitude or a sense of humor, and send a blessing for it letting it know that I was thankful for the reminder, and I alone had the power to choose what type of life I wanted to create because at the end of the day, every mirror that shows up in life is a message from life that helps us realign so we can fully step into our power. Whatever we give our attention to is what grows in our reality. Every time when we choose from a conscious place and not react to our past conditioning, we are taking power away from our past limitations and nurturing our new and empowering habits. It does not take long before we start noticing the echoes become so weak that we can smile at them and release them with complete ease. 4. Conscious Creat ion is a Resul t of Presence Conscious creation only occurs in the present moment, meaning our current thoughts and vibration are the only factors that determine the people, circumstances and opportunities that are coming our way. No matter what happened yesterday, a week ago or a month ago, our full power lies in this moment where we can use our consciousness to shape our future. Most of us do not realize how much of a powerful gift tha \ˈH\H][Hܝ[]HZ[[\[\]\H[H[و]\H[H^K[HۛH[HYY\X\\YHYH[X[YH\Y[X][ۋ[و\\H]Y]H[H]\X[[œ[YHX\H^HH[ܙH][[ۈ][ܛۙ\[\Hܜ\H[\[œ]\[][Y[H\\H[\[ˈ]YHۙ]H]H[\]X[[HœXHH [HY\YۈH\و\ۜ[\ۙ\X]\HH[]\H\[\]X[ܝ[]H]\\[H۝[YH[X\[[HݙHۛ[H[]\Y ܈[Hܚۈ\[\Y\Z[]HZ[\[\\\[\Hۈ]H\\H[YOH[]X[][X[\و\[Y[[ۙHوH^\ZH\\X\XXH\[K][H[ H\H]X\HY\[\HHZ[X\B[XZ[]\HوHH][ۋHX][]ˈH[]HH\[YH[Y[[[[[[ۘ[\[HH[HY[HHو[؜\\[Y\[H؜\[]\\[š[YHو\[XYوYY[]][ܙH[\KHZ[HZ[[\XXH\ۙHوH\^\B[Z[\[\H\[[YHX\[ K\܈H\X]HHHYH[H\HH \\Z[وKZ[[YH[Y\[[ HYH[X\[^[[ۈق\H[\H\X[H\H\HY\[\X]H[HY[[]\X]\HH\H[B][Y[Y[[ۘ[Z[ˈ[H\Y\[Z[\]H\YۈX[ۘ\[\\X[[Y[[ۋ\YH[\[][[[\H[HX[HوHX]H][[X[]K\YX[\”YH L HHK M