The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine June, 2017 - Page 11

5 P o we r f ul Tip s t o B e a C o n s c io us C r e a t o r Ev e r y d a y B y Jul ie t Ta n g We are all vibrational beings whose consciousness determines our moment-to-moment experiences in life. Knowing this, the power of transformation and reality creation lies completely within us to take full responsibility over our thoughts and vibration which then become our projected reality. 1. St art Each Day Wit h a Conscious Int ent ion The power of making conscious intentions is tremendous. The universe, or the quantum field we live in responds to our vibration solely, and by focusing our energy on making a firm decision of how we would like to experience the day (or anything), it can then match us with a reality that resonates on the same level. Rather than making it too specific which only limits what life can bring us, I like to keep it general and only focus on the state of being I am looking to experience. So it can be something as simple as, ?Today, no matter what happens, I will be in a state of joy and as soon as I stray from this state, I will remember to bring myself back? or ?I am ready for more delightful surprises!? I also teach clients and students to have an anchor or reminder to help them remember to come back to the intention especially in the beginning. For some, the reminder is to bring their consciousness to the heart center and feel it expand. For others, it is to come back to the breath, and practice deep and conscious breathing for a few minutes. As a crystal lover, I usually program a crystal piece I am wearing on the day with a specific intention so throughout the day, whenever I touch the crystal, it serves as a reminder that I have full power to choose how I experience life. Make it fun and personal. 2. A Lit t l e Morning Rit ual Goes a Long Way We all know it is best to start the day with a powerful breakfast, but not too many people take the time to connect with themselves every morning. We make checking our emails or grabbing our phone a priority upon waking before going through our morning routines without realizing the brain is at its most programmable state upon waking and before bed, and what difference it?ll make if we can dedicate even five minutes to ourselves during those times to tune into our higher selves, thank ourselves for being here, and embracing the day with a loving attitude. I have developed a ritual of putting on music that matches my intention for the day and dancing to it in the living room every morning no matter what the morning schedule is. By engaging in singing and dancing, I am connecting with the divine, moving my energy and raising my vibration which is a crucial component in conscious creation. Some people take a hot bubble bath, do yoga, meditation, a short workout, or take a brief walk before they start the day. Again, the key is to do what makes you feel good so you start the day centered in your vibration and creativity. Page 11 - Ju n e, 2017