The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine June, 2016 - Page 8

I Feel Pretty.... Oh So Pretty... I Feel Pretty and Wi tty and Bri gh t!! Attr a ct a Better Body I ma ge w i t h Th e Body Kn ow l edge Syst em ® by Coach St eph an i e Wood, PCC, You r Body I m age Ex per t C?mon, sing along with me, ?I feel pretty, oh so pretty.?* Look at your reflection in the computer screen. Are you smiling? Of course, you are! So am I. Do I feel pretty now? Yes! And so do you! That?s a short, sweet practical application of raising your vibration with a positive affirmation set to music. Where ever you are on the pretty-face scale from ?ugly?to ?Ah? is irrelevant to the Law of Attraction?s successful application of affirmations. For the statement to be effective, you need to tell the truth in the present tense. The energy behind the words affirm the honesty of the statement. It doesn?t matter if you are or are not ?pretty? by anyone?s standards when singing the phrase, the only thing that matters is how you FEEL when singing the affirmation. Since ?pretty? isn?t a feeling, rather it?s an adjective without emotion, your positive feeling when singing the affirmation is enough to make it true. That?s a simple introduction to the Body Knowledge System® , a process of communicating with your body to raise your vibration in order for your higher energy to attract positive things into your life. Body Image Coaching has much in common with the LAW OF ATTRACTION, as it?s about raising your vibration to match your value to the world. *Music & lyrics by Pat Vidas. © Warner/ Chappell, Music, Inc. written for Leonard Bernstein?s ?The West Side Story? 1959, Page 8 - June, 2016