The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine June, 2016 - Page 52

goal ? ie mixed thoughts (and energy) about what you want. Resolving these frees up that energy and creates a space and vacuum from which you will allow your goal to come into. 6 - Are You Not icing t he Signal s? Are you busy waiting for the universe to manifest what you want? Are you too busy ?waiting?rather than seeing and recognising the opportunities that are already here? Some people put on blinders and wait for something obvious and direct to show up ? like God with thunder and lightning. But have you (for example) overlooked: - The intuition and feeling you had to go and visit someone or call them up? (And perhaps they had the answer from the universe for exactly what you were looking for) - The idea that you had the other night to write something which indirectly would have raised your vibration further to receive the next step to follow through and receive what you want - The other day when someone suggested you have a coffee and you said to them that you were too busy, even though you had a good feeling about it. Do you realise that conversation could have led to something more? The universe speaks to you all the time and is responsive to you. Are you noticing the signals? 7 - How Can You Be The Great est Living Exampl e Of What You Came Here To Be? We become very busy with 'results' and often forget that manifesting is about 'being'. We can become cerebral and disconnected from our flow and energy. We have goals which can be further away from our core and our true passions. Your goals spring from your larger vision and purpose. They are fragments of your larger purpose and journey. Connect to the bigger picture and see what you are really here for. And then supercharge your goals with THAT energy. The manif est at ions wil l come heavy and f ast f rom t here. Hemal Radia is the author of the fantastic "Find You & You Find Everyt hing: The Secret s t o t he Law of At t ract ion". You can download your FREE chapters freegift He is also a world renowned 'Super' Coach and Speaker. You can find out more about him and his other offerings at and his blog Page 52 - June, 2016