The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine June, 2016 - Page 51

relationship. As I would help make the reality they want very real for them they would realise they have some unresolved blocks, like not yet having fully addressed aspects of their past. When you t hink of having what you want , and if you have it right now, what comes up f or you? What is your inst inct ive react ion? (Yes, you know, the first one that comes to you, if you were honest with yourself) 3 ? Do You Real l y Know You Can Have it ? Are You Real l y Convinced You Can Have it ? You CAN have miracles with manifesting. They require your openness to them and certainly, not disbelieving or being resistant to them or being conflicted about them. where, what etc - Wondering whether they are doing it right. 4 - Are You Genuinel y Happy Even Though It Hasn't Manif est ed Yet ? Are you totally at peace with the now? Many people are wanting their manifestation so it can ?fix?their life. Whether it be a soulmate to make them happy, money to give them freedom or deal with their debt etc. Are you needing your manifestation? What would happen if you don?t This is where your thinking, feeling and imagining get it? That scenario may come in. They are there to help you get familiar seem scary, but realise with the energy of what you want. You are that perspective is constructed from beliefs of subconsciously connecting and integrating you limitation and is telling you exactly what you (your energy) with what you want (and its need to shift to bring your manifestation in. energy). If somewhere you feel your life needs fixing by You want to be living your reality as if what you the manifestation then on some level you are want has happened. You BECOME your new subcommunicating to the universe that reality and radiate from that place even if it isn?t something is wrong ? and energy attracts energy. here in physical yet ? the physical soon follows You manifest by genuinely realizing (genuinely the energy. realizing, not forcing or pushing) what is right about your life and the manifestations come as a consequence of that energy. 5 - Are You Real l y Al igned & Congruent About Your Goal ? When you think of your goal, does it excite you and fill you with joy and anticipation (or some variation)? Indicators when someone isn?t aligned or congruent about what they want: - Anxiety and worry about it - Keeping on thinking about the how, when, Do you feel mixed or conflicted about your goal? Ask yourself honestly about this, not what you want it be. None of those inner thoughts need to be real or true, but by coming up they are indicating to you your misalignment and incongruency to your Page 51 - June, 2016