The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine June, 2016 - Page 44

There is a profound coherence between Body and Spirit; old programs, limitations, states of dis-ease have effortlessly resolved themselves. It is then that you can profoundly understand and experience what Love is all about. We have trillions of cells in our body and they all respond to vibration: light, sound, energy, love. All that exists can be measured and resonates a frequency. Research from the science of human vibrations over decades now has found that there is a scale of frequencies that corresponds to a person's level and state of mind. Love is the highest vibration we can hold. We encompass the greatest light and potential that we consciously invoke. In this way, everything the Observer/ Spirit does is translated into a process in the body. You literally cannot have a body without being connected to your Observer/ Spirit. Love realigns the body at a cellular level with the highest possible spirit or highest light that the body can hold. Pa'Ris'Ha is a highly sought after teacher and has an international public reach of over fifty million people. She has presented in over 125 countries . Known for her philanthrophy, AND Ancient Tablet Keeper and Interpreting, Parisha is a Master Coach with over 55 years of experience and who specializes in Business and Success Coach. Listen to her very popular radio show at and please follow her on Facebook: Please visit Page 44 - June, 2016