The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine June, 2016 - Page 42

We each have a beautiful Spirit. It is our very essence, but we are sometimes unable to have a clear, inner connection, to our physical body. We live our lives unable to have health, wealth, and the happiness that is our birthright. The frequency of our souls and the frequency of our bodies are, more often than not, misaligned. We might experience resistance and incoherence between the two if they are in outright conflict and disassociation. All too often, we make choices early in life that separate us from the blue print of our purpose; our reason for being. As we distrust our original purpose, we start to feel unworthy of the magnificence of who we really are. When this happens, we get confused and begin to let take root in our being, that there is a dis-connect between what we desire and what is showing up in our lives. We begin to judge the segments of our life?s moments. When we lose sight of the Source of our lives we invite separation to move in, we become alone in our illusions. Ret u r n i n g t o Ou r Di v i n e Bl u epr i n t By Par i sh a Tayl or Page 42 - June, 2016 This occurs because of disappointments and grief in our lives, even as early as birth. As children, we had experiences that were traumatizing. In particular, events in which we were injured physically or were subjected to strong emotional situations that left us feeling frightened, betrayed, angry or sad. We made decisions based on those moments about how the world treats us. We then began to expect similar experiences and now the world around us responds to our expectations. We have fallen victim to our own negative expectations.