The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine June, 2016 - Page 35

focused energy to attract them into our reality. Modern spirituality bandies the word positive about frequently; we should be positive in our outlook, use positive energy and think positive thoughts. This word has many definitions and uses, but from a spiritual perspective you should be clear on what positive means: confident, optimistic; focusing on your desires; to be certain and not in doubt; when the outcome is beyond doubt or question. Positive energy is love, joy, unity and understanding directed. Negative thoughts cancel positive thoughts. With regard to creativity, negative and positive thoughts are opposing low and high amplitude waves. Waves from these two thought patterns overlap and the opposing low and high amplitudes negate each other. This is why it is important to be firm in your belief. It is essential that you empower your desire with trust, confidence and conviction that it will come to be. Do not despair if negative thoughts keep surfacing. They are merely there to help you recognize where you don't want to go. Use the negative to recognize what you do not want and focus on the positive outcome you do want. Do not focus on how it will come about; focus only on the desired outcome. When you do this, your creative abilities will manifest the changes that will enable your desires to be realized. Unlike the wave patterns present in nature (as with sound for example), we have the ability to focus our energy on any point in the universe. This is similar to dropping a pebble anywhere we choose in a pond, the pond of course representing the universe. We simply envision where we want to direct the energy, drop the pebble and it is done. This is my understanding of how long-distance healing works. We don't have to be with the person to concentrate our healing energy. Speaking affirmations aloud creates an even greater amplitude in the wave patterns, giving the manifestation of your goals tremendous power. Statements are magnitudes stronger than thought alone. By speaking an affirmation, I have experienced a tremendous boost in belief and clarity that does not come from thought alone. This practice adds a physical dimension to our desires that goes beyond thought. When you have absolute faith and belief, thought alone is sufficient for manifestation. Regrettably, the majority of us still need all the help we can get to manifest our desires because our faith is shadowed with doubt. This is yet another example of how well our minds have been coerced into a limited understanding and thought pattern. The final piece for creating is when you act out your desires or ?become? what you desire by Page 35 - June, 2016