The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine June, 2016 - Page 34

Tools of Creation By M ar tin N eil Cam pbell Doubt and disbelief weaken our creative thought abilities. Thus, it is fortunate that creative power is driven by not one, but three forces: what we consciousl y t hink, say and become, each being more powerf ul t han t he f ormer. Quantum physics theorizes that what we observe we change. It is also my belief that our perceptions change what we observe, as we can't observe something without thinking about it. I believe we are surrounded by a frequency of wave patterns created by our thoughts as they travel in every direction and intermingle with all other thoughts. The amplitude of the wave pattern we send out is determined by the level of focused consciousness we direct into every thought, combined with our strength of belief. Similar to ripples in a pond - but our pond is the un