The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine June, 2016 - Page 3

TABLEO FCO NTENTS Jew els Johnson, The Key t o Lif e's Journey By Gregg Braden 4 At t ract a bet t er Body Image By St ephanie Wood, Your Body Image Expert 8 5 Power Quest ions t o Reprogram your mind f or Weal t h By Pat rick Prohaska , LOA Expert 12 Mind Your Medicine - The Druggist Wit hin Dr. Joe Dispenza 16 Can You Ident if y Wit h My St ory? Hel p is on it s way Luke Broad, LOA Coach 22 June & Jul y 2016 Ast rol ogy Forecast By Int ernat ional Ast rol oger Manish Kamur Arora 26 Agrrrr! And I t hought I was so Spirit ual ! By El l en Wood, Feat ured Col umnist 28 What is Keeping You From Manif est ing Abundance? LOA Coach Cassie Parks 30 Tool s of Creat ion Mart in Neil Campbel l 34 Have a Lit t l e Fait h 38 Joshua as Channel ed by Gary Templ e Bodl ey Ret urning t o Our Divine Bl ueprint By Parisha Tayl or How I Won A Free Trip To Las Vegas Using LOA By LOA Coach Kat hl een Mil l er 42 46 7 Power Tips t o Get t he Most Out of LOA By Hemal Radia Did Nancy and Ronnie Reunit e? By Jul ie Ryan, Psychic and Medical Int uit ive 50 54 Editor -in-Chief I am so excited about this issue w ith an exclusive ar ticle by Dr. Joe Dispenza r evealing how our m agnificent bodies know how to heal our body! This is exactly w hat w e need to know befor e w e take another aspir in. Want to know how to m an i f est a t r i p... like our upcom ing Cr uise using the Law of Attr action? Just r ead Kathleen M iller 's ar ticle how how to do it! You have plenty of tim e to secur e passage as you pr ove to your self that YOU HAVE THE POW ER TO CREATE ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING YOU WANT. After you finish r eading this issue, please be sur e to tune into our LIVE Show s on Law of Attr action Radio Netw or k and ask your questions dir ectly. We ar e so happy to be pr oviding oppor tunities to gain fir st hand know ledge fr om the exper ts to m ake your m anifesting skills hone in on exactly w hat you w ant. Please r em em ber that you ar e a pow er ful Cr eator. Som etim es all it takes is for getting w hat you w er e taught in the past. So let's star t the last 6 m onths of 2016 cr eating the best life ever ! Love to ALL~ Mindf ul ness, Key t o At t ract ion Good Things By LOA Coach Craig Merrit t 58 Law of At t r act i on M agazi n e Jew el s Joh n son , Edi t or -I n -Ch i ef Scient ist PROVE Lif e Af t er Deat h! By Sean Mart in Staff@LOAr adioNetw or k .com 61 Gi n a Appl egat e - Ad Ex ec St even Li k i ar dopou l os, Gr aph i cs/Au di o/Vi deo Page 3 - June, 2016