The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine June, 2016 - Page 23

force of the 120mph wind from the velocity of the plane. As I stood there waiting to jump into the pitch blackness, it was like I was jumping into the unknown. Jumping into the unknown is scary and it is easy to turn back and stay with familiarity. When an individual first begins learning about the Law of Attraction and practicing it, it is also akin to jumping into the unknown. You are going against the status quo, against the grain, and you begin to stand out from the crowd. Some may call you weird, some may vilify you, some may just distance themselves from you, and this can appear to be a lonely journey at first. However, what?s actually happening as you grow and develop yourself is that the Law of Attraction is moving you away from those people who are no longer a match and, in time, new people who are now a match will be delivered. Although jumping into the unknown is scary, it is necessary in order to attract that which you desire to attract and to create the life you want. After almost two years in the Army, I?d had enough and wanted out. But I was trapped by my 4 year contract, which if broken would result in a military prison sentence. It was at this point that I began to change how I thought about the circumstances in which I found myself. I didn?t change how I thought for any other reason than to feel good. Every day, throughout the day, I would imagine myself on a beach in Australia with the hot sun beating down on me, the warm sand on my feet and the sound of the gentle ocean in the background. I imagined myself as happy with lots of like-minded people around me. Anytime I was walking around camp, I would go into my visualisation and really feel like I was there. It was like an intense daydream. After about a month, out of nowhere, circumstances shifted and a way out was presented to me without breaching my contract. Three months later, I was on a beach in Australia with the hot sun beating down on me, with my feet on the warm sand and the gentle sound of the ocean in the background. I was surrounded with like-minded individuals and I was happy, exactly as I had imagined myself to be. Two years passed and I was still suffering with my illness. I had Meniere?s disease, an inner ear disorder that causes loud tinnitus, dizziness and vomiting. Now, I?m not talking about ordinary tinnitus here, I?m talking about a ringing that was so loud that I was almost deaf in the effected ear. Over the course of the two years, my attacks became more frequent and the medication that I was taking to manage it became ineffective. It got to a point where I returned home and I was bedridden for a number of weeks. I had been studying the Law of Attraction for some time now and I decided to apply it to my health. Again, every day, I visualised myself telling the story of how I healed myself. I actually threw my medication away at Page 23 - June, 2016