The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine January, 2018 - Page 9

Photo Credit: Akira Shibata Here is one recent testimonial: Ms. Sanae Kuwayama from Kanagawa prefecture, Japan, had practiced and totally dedicated herself to one religion for 11 years, vigorously learning its teachings, living strictly according to them and relying on prayer to solve her problems. Though she experienced some improvements in the area of health, she could never heal the inner pain she experienced as a result of unfortunate events or resolve her attachment to vari ous emotions. Her hatred toward her mother and husband did not change, and her terrible relationships with others as well as her distressing financial situation saw no improvement. Then she encountered Miross. ?Before, I had to strictly follow the teachings in order to purify so-called defilements and sins inherited by ancestors through generations and to end ?karma? by praying and practicing the teachings,? she said recently. ?It was utterly shocking to discover in Miross that there was no need to pray for anything or make others do something, or do something for others in the external environment. I only had to try to know my true self. By doing so, I have seen my children?s emotional pain disappear in an instant, and I myself have experienced incredible phenomena completely transformed from their roots. ?Miross is about energetics between femaleness and maleness. I now understand that all the unfortunate events that I experienced are simply illusions that I created, and I have been totally liberated from all the pain, hatred, sadness, fear and worries in my life. I feel Page 9 Jan ., 2018