The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine January, 2018 - Page 8

person (not a true being) created by ego, you can change yourself in an instant. We are often asked how the successes that people experience through Miross change their thoughts or emotions and how they began to look at their problems differently. Many people react with astonishment, saying, ?What on earth have I been seeing all along in this world?? They are shocked to experience a complete turn-around of their notion of what a ?problem? is and how it originates. When they come to understand that what we conventionally perceive as problems are not actually problems, their problems simply dissipate like hooks suddenly being taken out of their bodies. Never again suffering from the same problems is something you cannot experience in the third-dimensional world. Until now we have focused on addressing problems as problems, and thus the problems become more serious and problematic. However, once you understand the truth, you experience an ?aha moment,? with an astonishment that is almost laughable. In an instant, you feel so light. Take a look at the cover of the book New-Dimensional Thought Technology: you will see a woman who has taken off the armor of ego, all the problems and worries. She feels so free, liberated and light, it seems as if she is about to fly. That sense of freedom and liberation, peaceful mind, joy and happiness? you too can surely experience this and we sincerely hope that you will be able to. When you learn to look at problems differently, you no longer seek answers to those problems outside of yourself. In other words, your perception of trying to make something happen externally is totally changed. This is because you realize that your external environment offers no answers that address problems at the fundamental level, the root. When you experience this paradigm shift and understand that the origin of your problems is inside you, you no longer try to change external phenomena or people. How are thoughts and emotions changed as a result of Miross? People who experience Miross become aware that in the third-dimensional world all thoughts are created by ego and false assumptions. When you understand the mechanism of this world? that is, Dual-structured Coexistence (see the December 2017 issue)? your emotions are no longer swayed by the vicissitudes of life. Those who experience new-dimensional reality live in and enjoy a state of absolute peace. An untold number of people have been able to attain inner peace just by understanding the mechanism and thus escaping from the traps of positive thinking. Page 8 Jan ., 2018