The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine January, 2018 - Page 7

Wh at i s New -Di mensi onal Real i ty? It is called ?a miracl e? in the third-dimensional world. It?s been thought for centuries that miracles are only attributed to divine beings such as saints. In some religions, people believe that faith, prayer and special rituals can make miracles happen. For humans, miracles are considered very rare and special phenomena. Scientists too, with scientific and technological progress, have tried to make miracles happen. As a result, we can fly in airplanes, instantaneously communicate with people on the other side of the planet and even travel to the moon. People from 200 years ago would view these achievements as nothing short of a miracle. It is true that we now have Ph ot o Cr edit : Hidemi Ogat a significantly more convenient and comfortable lifestyles due to the development of these scientific and technical miracles. Does that mean, however, we fully appreciate the completely stable and peaceful world as humans? Therefore, the question is how many people have actually and truly been able to benefit from these miracles, and what transformations we humans have been able to achieve. The answer is clear when we see what is happening around us and in the world. New-Dimensional Thought Technology (introduced in the Law of Attraction December 2017 issue) makes it possible for ordinary people who are neither saints nor gifted scientists to entirely reset their lives and live as completely new beings without changing their bodily form. These are not ephemeral or superficial phenomena: they are miracles that can completely overturn problems at the fundamental level, and they occur as the inner conflicts within us end. Once they accumulate, they can become a collective force, and will even have the power to change the world, leading to absolute peace on earth. We hope you will have a chance to see some of the recent testimonials that we share in ? just a few of the tens of thousands that we have. For many of you, these ?miracles? may seem completely unbelievable, and they are if you see them from the third-dimensional point of view. However, as you understand and apply Miross you will be able to see that they occur naturally. How are we able to make such miracles happen so simply and enable you to reset your life as if you were initializing a computer? First, you need to understand that the third-dimensional world in which you live is a virtual world no matter how much it evolves. And merely by seeing that this is a virtual world and realizing that you are a Page 7 Jan ., 2018