The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine January, 2018 - Page 57

feelings and behaviors we have that transform the moment and transform our self over all. Since whatever we focus on expands, why not focus on what is most useful and beneficial and resourceful? I never encourage pie in the sky wishful, fanciful thinking, but practical and deliberate choice making that results in finding the optimum thoughts, and emotional states from which to pursue our goals, resolve our difficulties and live our lives more wonderfully. Positive thinking means having more choices available. It means deliberately exercising your control to find the best. Then you make finding and felling the best a habit. You become unconsciously competent and you positively evolve yourself. You must realize that whatever you focus on, expands, gets larger and becomes your reality. So why not choose the best? If you focus on crap, and problems, you stay stuck in the crap. If however, you focus on solutions you can find solutions. If you focus on misery you find it. If instead, you focus on happiness or joy or peace, you will find more of that for yourself. The choice of what we focus on, what we choose to entertain, to fill our mind and our time with, determines how we feel and think and do. The problem, for most people, is not exercising choices as they could or simply making poor choices or having poor taste. Aim for the best and you will find it. It may take time but you will find it if you stick with it. If you give up and quit you never will. Challenges will come up along the way, just as there are hazards occasionally on the road, which you must navigate around. In the same way challenges are a part of living. There will always be things for us to confront or solve. When you learn how to make better positive choices challenges become useful and help to remind us what to do.Choose the positive, the resourceful, steer back to center, direct you mind again, and take charge. Negative feelings provide this same signal service. The wise person recognizes that less than glorious feelings are a signal that you need to focus differently. You need to change what you are thinking about, doing or acting, in order to begin to feel better. It is a signal to seek within. It is a signal to change your "discomfort" into something that is feels better. It serves as a reminder and an opportunity to transform the moment from something negative to something better. You may have to do it again and again for many moments. You may have to stick with it for quite a while, but eventually, it will give way and you will have benefited by exercising your choice to look for, and find, more positive thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Doing this repeatedly for long enough is what builds the habit. This habit is built by the challenges, and the signal to transform your not so good feelings. It means all that you experience, good and not so good, is opportunities. If you only did it when you were feeling good that is the only habit you would have. You want to learn to change the not so good to the better and the only way to do that IS by doing that! You want to transform your life and become in charge and not be a victim but a victor. That only is possible if you learn how to transform the difficult moments into better moments. Learn how to transform your thoughts and feelings. Be in charge of what you think and feel. Decide to take control. Take charge of yourself, your mind and your body and your experience in life. Be the captain of your ship and steer it through tough and troubled waters successfully, as well as the calm and peaceful enjoyable seas. You will find far better times and opportunities when you do this, and make it a habit, than if you focus on pain, misery, suffering, and crap because that will result only in more of that. The choice is each of ours each moment. If you haven't chosen the "positive" much, or if it doesn't seem to work well in your life, it only means you Page 57 Jan ., 2018