The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine January, 2018 - Page 43

H ave y ou n ot i ced a r ep eat i n g p att er n of n u m ber s ap p ear i n g i n y ou r l i f e? You are driving down the road and you see the same numbers on license plates or you may wake up and notice the same numbers such as 1:11 or 2:22.At work, you may look at the clock at the precise moment that those same numbers pop up. Or perhaps you are at the grocery store and the grocery tab totals $12.34! Finally you think, ?Well, this can?t just be coincidence. ?What in the world is going on?? This is the Universe trying to communicate with you. Numbers can and do deliver specific messages through certain numbers and sequences. Step back for a moment and think about the questions that have been lingering in your mind. What is it that you want answers to? Now run, don?t walk and do some research. Remember, don?t stop until you find the answer that resonates with you and you get that full fledge Ah-Ha feeling! Why Do Numbers Mat t er? Since the time that Greek philosopher Pyt hagoras of Samos lived, he sought to interpret the entire physical world in terms of numbers, and founded their systematic and mystical study; Pythagoras said, ?Numbers rule the universe.? Amazingly, science has only continued to prove how right he was. We find repeating number patterns in sound, geometry, the measurements of celestial stars, and countless other realms of the scientific world. These incredible coincidences and concurrences affirm numer X\Yۈ\H^H[][ۂوH[]\K[X\ݙH]\H\X\H[[H[[[ˈ[\ZH]\][[H[H[]\K\\H[[\]XX][ۋ[[HY\YZ[H[YH\]Y[Z[H\HܚY[ H[]\H\Z[™][H^H][[ۈHX][ۘ[YۚYX[HوH\ˈ]\][[HH[HYHœ]ZY][\Z[[YXۈH\Z\\KZ\YX[[[Z\Y\YKH[ܙHB[X\\X][\]Y[KH[ܙH\\\Y]X][ۈXY\˂]\HHYX[[Z[\Z[\”[Z[\\K\H\H[Hو\]]HXXY[\YۙYHXYXYX[[ˈ\œ[H[Y\H\ KNK[HX\\\ LH[ \HZ\YX[[[YHH\B^\\K]HYHو^\X[\[HY[YHو\H]\X\[قYX\˂\H\H\YHوHYX[[ˈ[Y[X\Y\\X\[[[[H[H[\]\ۘ]\[\[\[]Y\[ۜ][H]HY[][]H[]\KH]Y[[\ۈH]]K[OܙHX[Y\[][H[X]X[\[\YH[\ۙ[\]܈H[]\H[Y[[و[]K\\H[\Hو[[K\\\ و[[HX\[[H[[Z[[H[\Y\]\]HY\YH][\[ \[]Y[H\\]Z\Y YX[ۋX[H[[[ۘ[[\Y\[ݙH\H\]Z\Y ][[H[[[H]Y][[[\YH\]و[[K\\[H[]HوZ[ K\] ][[[HH\]X[Y\YK\\[\YۈBHY\\H YK\\]]\[Y]\[H[Y]H[][H[\Hق[][X][ۋY[[Y^\[ۋ[[[[ۘ[[]]]K][[[H]H[O\]X\œXK\\[X]\Hܝ[]Hܛ[\X[[H]H\\Y[HYH\\[\ZY\\H\\[[H]^HX\[H[\H[[[\ܝ[[K][[X]H\ܚ\YYYXY]HH[[][OܙHZ]\ܘ][X\]H܈Y[[Y[H[Z]][ۜ˂HY\YN[]]H^X[]KYH [  N