The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine January, 2018 - Page 35

Remember, you want to harness the power of the law of attraction to attain the most awesome versions of what you want, not the watered-down stuff we typically get from creating by default, not realizing what we are doing and not realizing the power we have to mold things just to our liking. Becoming a deliberate creator of our experience takes some practice... it?s a big shift. Here are a few helpful hints to become a match to love: M ak i n g Peace W i t h Bei n g Si n gl e When you understand the law of attraction works by delivering you experiences that you are a match to now? energetically, you come to realize the importance of feeling good?now, and not putting all your focus on the undesirable bits of ?what is.? This doesn?t mean pretending to be okay with things you don?t like, but actually adopting a different perspective, and actually feeling better. If you are bemoaning your single status, and feeling like you are incomplete without a relationship, you are vibing ?lack? and you will just get more of it. This doesn?t mean giving up on the idea of having a relationship, it simply means, that if you want to manifest a relationship in order to feel whole and complete, you must find a way to feel whole and complete now. This freaks people out because they believe feeling happier now as a single person will cancel their ?order? with the Universe for a relationship. But don?t worry... it doesn?t work like that. Wanting and needing something to happen is not what brings it to you. Trust me. Feeling the feelings that lie behind what you want now, and detaching from the idea this thing needs to happen for you to be happy, is what does ? much more quickly and easily. W h at Bl ock s Do You Have Ar ou n d a Rel at i on sh i p? One of the big misconceptions about law of attraction is you can just ask for something, sit back and wait for it to come to you. This actually does happen a lot of the time. But again, theory, and real world application, are quite different, because of that good old resistance. Just wanting a great relationship isn?t enough if you have a lot of blocks around allowing one in. You have to believe you can truly have one. When you think about meeting that perfect person for you, and it doesn?t feel good, you have to examine that. What is coming up for you? Maybe your past relationships have all been terrible, and you don?t believe there is anyone good out there for you. Maybe you have been rejected time and time again, and you fear no one will ever want you. Maybe you have major intimacy issues, and you are afraid of actually getting close to anyone. You also have to examine if there is any part of you that fears having a relationship would produce negative consequences, like losing your independence, or having to make tough decisions about your Page 35 Jan ., 2018