The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine January, 2018 - Page 32

Best of all, you don?t have to die to experience your beloved pets? spirits, rather, you can and most likely do feel, hear, and see them now. If you thought you felt your deceased pet snuggle up next to you, you did. If you thought you heard your deceased pet, you did. And, if you thought you saw a glimpse of your deceased pet out of the corner of your eye, you did. Diane f rom Meridian, ID, asked: Hi Jul ie, I was wondering if any of my deceased pet s are wit h me here in spirit or did t hey go t o t he l ight ? Likewise, if other animals seem to be moving their head from one side to another focused on something invisible, as if they?re watching something cross the room, they are. And, if your pet doesn?t seem to be upset by this phenome- non, it?s probably because they?re familiar with the deceased pet from when it was alive. Animals, like all of us, are naturally intuitive. So, keep an open mind. The more you trust your intuitive senses, the stronger and more accurate they?ll become. Thanks. Hi Diane, Great question. One all animal lovers wonder about. The answer is, our pets? spirits remain with us for eternity, and, they?re also (as you called it) in the light (Heaven). When a person dies and returns to non- physical form, he or she has the ability to be in many places all at the same time and so do animals. All of our pets? spirits are around us all of the time and especially as we approach death. They appear in Phase 7 of the Twelve Phases of Transition. Over the years, as I?ve had the privilege of helping many families with a dying loved one, it has been rare not to see animal spirits in the room. Spirits of dogs, cats, birds, horses, pigs, cows, and various farm animals along with many other species all form a type of honor guard which along with the human spirits present, make-up what I call the ?Welcome to Heaven? committee. Anne f rom Boise, ID, asked: Hi Jul ie, I wondered what you t hink about get t ing t he f l u shot . I've got t en one every year f or t he l ast 5+ years and haven't ever got t en t he f l u, but recent l y I?ve been reading about t heir ef f icacy and pot ent ial t ies t o diseases. Does t he short t erm (pot ent ial ) benef it of t he vaccine out weigh t he l ong t erm risks? Not f rom where I st and. What are your t hought s? Thank you as al ways, Anne in Idaho Hi Anne, Great question! Flu shots and vaccines in general are a highly debated and often times emotionally-charged topic. So, with that in mind, I suggest everyone needs to educate themselves on the risks and rewards before getting a vaccination needle stabbed into them or their children. Page 32 Jan ., 2018