The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine January, 2018 - Page 31

your body, through increased body knowledge. ?I lost the weight, but I still see FAT in the mirror!? Invit at ion t o t ake short body conf idence check in so you can see where you st and: http:/ / body-confidence-check-in/ One of our regular listeners, and my coaching client, contacted me last week to check in after the holidays. I sensed a hesitation in her voice, and asked, ?So what?s wrong? Have you stopped your body knowledge practice, now that you?ve reached your goal?? ?No!? she exclaimed, ?My body is my BFF, and we have our conversations daily.? ?So?? ?My party dressed fit perfectly, in fact, it still fits and the weight I lost is still gone, and my body and I, uh, we fe el great! But? ? ?But what? Is it the old saying, ?be careful what you wish for??? ?Sort of.? She laughs without humor. ?Thanks to you and the Law of Attraction, I am attractive now! People paid me compliments, men were interested in talking to me at all of the events professional and personal, and, in fact, I had the best week of my life over the holidays!? Now the laugh was genuine, so I joined her. This wasn?t the first time one of my clients received evidence that the outcome was exactly what they wanted, and this wasn?t the first time I?d heard this reaction, shock, humor in the disbelief when the evidence was right there in front of them. ?Why do I still see fat in my mirror?? Seeing fat in the mirror when she had clearly accomplished her goal was a product of her fear of leaving her comfort zone, ?fat?, in the first place. Although the actual results were all positive, the negative energy originating in her fear of not being able to lose the weight, the previous failures of her attempts to get back to her ?fighting? weight, or the fear of perhaps losing friends or family if she did, continued to haunt her. ?Skip the mirror for a few days. Instead use the time to practice your dance, and dance your practice, in other words focus on your relationship with your body with only positive energy. Then look at yourself and your BFF in the mirror, and remember to smile when you do!? The subject of fear of failure when practicing the Law of Attraction was the subject of our next radio show. After it aired, she called me to thank me again, my suggestions worked! This New Year make your resolution to open yourself to the Law of Attraction. With body confidence, there is no longer anything to fear. What do you have to lose? Listen to Body Confidence LOA style at the LOA Radio network: http:/ / Body-Confidence Coach Stephanie: ?Body knowledge is accomplished through renewed communication with your body. When that relationship is re-established, body confidence follows. Add the Law of Attraction and make all those dreams come true!? Contact Coach Stephanie Wood at or email her at: coachst ephaniewood@gmail .com Take the Body Conf idence Survey to see how you really feel about your body. Take the Quiz at: http:/ / body-confidence-check-in Page 31 Jan ., 2018