The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine January, 2018 - Page 30

How Open Ar e You t o t he Law of At t r act ion? Ask Your Body By Coach St ephanie Wood, PCC Last year, for days, weeks and months: - - - You?ve listed your wants, You?ve created your vision boards, You?ve sent out positive energy daily, And, you are certain you are ?allowing? it, or something better to enter your life? yet, 2017 has come and gone, and? it hasn?t happened yet. Why not? Ask your body, he/ she has t he answer. It?s time for you to identify the hidden negativity behind your desires in order to access the power behind your positive energy to make it work for you. - - - What happens if it works for you? ? What happens if it doesn?t work for you? How will you feel in either case? It?s not about fear of failure, it?s about fear of success! Body Conf idence, Your First St ep! Practitioners of the LOA know it works, they are conf ident it will work, and perhaps that?s why it works so well for them. There are only two basic feelings: fear and love. Fear refers to False Evidence Appearing Real and since they aren?t, sometimes negative energy surrounds them. Love is real, love is now, and love is always positive. So, when the Law of Attraction skips a beat, the reason lies in personal fear, never love. When what you desire involves your body, your Best Friend Forever (BFF), it?s always about love. Fear cannot exist with the presence of Body Confidence. And returning to the intimate relationship with your body, through the Body Knowledge System® , brings back the body confidence you were born with, your birthright! Psychologists know we are unable to hold two conflicting thoughts/ feelings at the same time. So, the key to getting the most out of your practice of the Law of Attraction is to renew your relationship with your BFF, Page 30 Jan ., 2018