The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine January, 2018 - Page 26

Adver t ising & T h e L aw o f A t t r act i o n As CEO of Law of Attraction Magazine, I have noticed that people will place their order and then sit back waiting for the Universe to deliver many leads to them. Unfortunately, that is where it stops for them because their inaction stops the flow from reaching them. They don't realize that they must gear up and work with the Advertising! This is, of course, how t he Universe works. The one thing I tell them is to get moving... keep the energy flowing. You are a f abul ous Coach, Speaker, Promot er or you have a Life Changing book t hat you want t o get in t he hands of your precise market . What do you do? 1. You have determine who your market is. You want to get front of the people who will purchase your service or product AND you want to collect future leads. 2. Now take Action by working with the Advertising Company to send out every ad, article or interview to your own email list which will impress your existing list. 3. Get multiple placements (weekly, monthly or bi-monthly) because familiarity shows stability and breeds more sales. 3. Drive Traffic to your site by giving freebies... 30 min. coaching session, free e-book or monthly newsletter in order to collect email addresses. These are your future buyers of your products and these opt-in email addresses are GOLD! 4. Take advantage of media creditability and endorsements by your placing the ads on your website.