The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine January, 2018 - Page 19

Tool # 3: Pl ant Your Vibrat ional Seeds Like a garden, the seeds you plant will result in the crop that you get to harvest. For example, let?s say you have a meeting to attend. What are you telling yourself on the way to a meeting? Are you worried the people who you'll be meeting won't like you, or that the interview won't go well? Your thoughts on the way to the meeting are planting the seeds of the results that you'll get. You don't need to say it out loud; you don't need to write it down, and you don't need to read it. The Law of Attraction isn't reacting to what you write or what you read or what you say. The law is responding to how you feel about what you say, think, write, and observe.Be more deliberate about planting the seeds of what you'd like to harvest. Start your day by being conscious about your thoughts, words. and emotions, in both in your personal and business life. Tool # 4: Cel ebrat e t he Cl oseness of t he Mat ch With traditional goal setting, most people celebrate only once they have reached their targets. Before they achieve their objective, they?re keeping score and focusing on the fact that they haven't reached it. These people are giving negative attention to the fact that they haven't yet accomplished their goal. When we?re practicing the Law of Attraction, we do goal setting differently. We celebrate everything that we're attracting that is in an alignment with our objectives. For example, let?s say your goal is to gain three new clients this month. You have some potential client meetings, and you gain one new customer. Since you understand how the Law of Attraction works, you?d know it would be in your best interest to celebrate the match. Revel in the fact that bringing on that client was an ideal match to what you asked for and that you?re getting closer to your goal of gaining three new customers. Tool # 5: Del iberat el y Incl ude Your Desire in Your Vibrat ional Bubbl e Imagine that you have a bubble around you. This bubble includes your vibration, everything you're thinking about, everything you're saying, and everything you're giving your attention, energy, and focus to. To be a magnet for anything you wish for, you must include the vibration of what you want. When the Law Page 19 Jan ., 2018