The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine January, 2018 - Page 18

Tool # 1: El iminat e t he Words Don't , Not , and No Every time you use the word don't, not, or no, you?re giving at t ent ion t o what you don't want. When you think about, or talk about, or pay attention to what you don't want, it causes you to send a negative vibration. The Law of Attraction is always eavesdropping, and it's always responding to what you?re vibrating. Remember the Law of Attraction doesn't know whether you want it or don't want it, it is obediently arranging ways to give you whatever you gave your attention, energy, and focus to. When you catch yourself using the words don't, not and no, or even thinking those words, remember that you have a Vibe Reset button that you can use whenever you want. When you reset the words, you alter the vibration, when you adjust the vibration you change the results that the Law of Attraction brings to you. The only way to get a different result is to send a different vibe. Here is your homework: every time you use the words don't, not and no ask yourself, ?so, what do I want?? Tool # 2: Observe What You Don't Want -- BRIEFLY Many people assume it's not okay to have a negative thought or negative experience. It?s okay to have them, but the key is to observe these negative thoughts briefly(whatever you think briefly is). You can become incredibly clear about what you want when you know what you don't like. For example, if you are in business and you don't like clients who cancel appointments, your reset sentence would be, "so, what do I want?" The answer: customers who keep their appointments. Do you see how you become certain about what you do want from the brief observation about what you don't want? Eventually, you will catch yourself noticing what you don't want or talking about what you don't want, and you?ll examine it just for a minute or two. You know that you're mastering the observe what you don't like briefly exercise when you start to convert negative thoughts to positive thoughts even before you say them out loud. Page 18 Jan ., 2018