The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine January, 2018 - Page 17

You may not k now it yet , but you?r e alr eady using t he Law of At t r act ion. I f you've ever used the words coincidence, serendipity, synchronicity, fate, karma, or maybe the expression out of the blue, then you're experiencing Law of Attraction. Because it?s those words and phrases that are used to describe evidence of the Law of Attraction. The Law of At t ract ion: I at t ract t o my l if e what ever I give my at t ent ion, energy, and f ocus t o, whet her negat ive or posit ive. Some people only give credit to the Law of Attraction when they attract positive things. But the law is responsible for drawing both positive and negative things to your life. It's true whether you want those things or don't, or whether they're right or wrong for you. The job descript ion f or t he Law of At t ract ion is quit e simpl e, and it 's onl y t wo words l ong. Match Vibrations (whet her negat ive or posit ive). We use the word vibe(or vibration) to describe a mood or feeling. We might say that someone is giving off a positive vibe or a room or a neighborhood might have a negative vibe. When we describe a vibe, we're describing the mood or the feeling, and it's either negative or positive. Right now even without trying, you're broadcasting a negative or positive vibe. The thoughts you?re thinking, the words you're using, and what you're observing is causing you to send the corresponding vibration of what you're thinking, saying, and watching. The Law of Attraction is eavesdropping on your vibration, and it's responding to the vibe that you're sending by giving you more of the same. The law isn't brilliant, but it is very obedient. The two-word job description for the Law of Attraction is match vibrations. For example, if you're wondering what vibration you?re sending about money, then look for the results. Open your wallet and see how much money it contains. If it?s full, then chances are you?re sending a positive vibration. Because the Law of Attraction is eavesdropping right now, right now, and right now, we need to be more deliberate about the vibration that we're sending. The Law of Attraction doesn't know whether you want it or don't want it, whether it's right or wrong for you, whether it's healthy or unhealthy. The law is orchestrating whatever needs to happen to bring you more of the same vibration that you're sending. The good news is Law of At t ract ion does not know how or why you're sending t he vibe; it just mat ches it . Manipul at ing t he l aw is easy? you just need t he right t ool s t o do it . On t he next f ew pages, you wil l want t o make t hese f ive t ool s your dail y habit f or 2018 and wat ch your l if e and business f l ourish. Page 38 - Dec, 2017 Page 17 Jan ., 2018