The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine January, 2018 - Page 13

Officer and Chief Information Officer. I decided to give a similar title to the characteristic of Spirit that provides me with the greatest help and advice. I refer to my spiritual advisor as the Chief Spiritual Officer, or CSO for short. In addition to the CSO helping me to succeed in business, it also helped to save my life in 1994. After a meeting, I had a strong intuitive ?flash? or picture of my sister Sharon?s face in my mind. That?s one of the ways that my CSO gives me advice, so I dropped by Sharon?s office. While I was there, she noticed a small spot on my leg and asked me what it was. I told her it was a freckle. Sharon said that she ?felt? that it may be something else and asked that I see her dermatologist. As I started to dismiss her fear, I felt a sharp pain in my gut. That?s another way that my CSO guides me. So, I did as she advised. During the appointment, the doctor told me that the spot wasn?t anything to be concerned about and that I could go home. After hearing this, my gut hurt again. So, I insisted that the spot be removed and diagnosed. A week later, I learned that I had cancer - malignant melanoma, Clark?s level 3. The CSO, through intuition, saved my life. There are thousands of stories that illustrate how spiritual intuition has helped people with health issues, business successes, relationship matters, and so much more. Now you can learn how to partner with your spiritual source of intuition to achieve more of what you want in life. Start by committing to the following: 1.Recognize t hat your CSO want s t o hel p you t o real ize your goal s and t o keep you saf e. To enable intuitive messages to show up in more obvious ways, create some specific goals for your CSO to advise you on. It?s important that you word your goals with gratitude as though they are completed.Instead of saying, ?I want to have more money,? which keeps you in a state of wanting and not completing, you should describe what your financially free life is like. e.g.?I?m so grateful that I am financially free with a minimum of $__ to use and enjoy, bless others with, and invest and increase. I?m so grateful that I have the freedom to use my skills and talents in satisfying ways and am appreciated and valued in the process!? 2.Commit t o your part nership and f ol l ow cl ear rol es and responsibil it ies. In this partnership, you and your partner have different jobs and responsibilities. It?s important that you do only your job and allow your CSO partner to do its job with excellence as outlined below: - - - - You describe what you want with gratitude as though you?ve already received it. The CSO creates the path for you to get to your goal. The CSO gives you advice to take one step at a time along the path towards your goal. (Like the advice of seeing my sister?s face in my mind that guided me to see her.) You take the advised step or ask for another message or lead. This is the hard part. Don?t let your rational mind talk you out of taking a step. Just ask for a confirming lead. For example, several years ago one of my goals was to receive a minimum of $400,000 of revenue for my company within a certain time period. I was on a business trip to another city and I needed to go to a store near my hotel to buy supplies for my stay. I knew that the closest store was located just 5 minutes away. In my car, I received a powerful thought to drive to a store that was about 15 minutes away. That didn?t make sense. My rational mind chimed in. It pointed out that it was 9pm and my appointment was the next Page 13 Jan ., 2018