The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine February, 2016 - Page 9

Women of t he Worl d, Unit e! Banish Body Image Anxiet y! Bring Back Body Conf idence One Woman at a t ime! That is my message and that is my mission: to take action against the pressure to be ?perfect?! When ?perfection? is unrealistic, imaginary, and potentially dangerous to our health, it?s time to turn our backs on the media standards for real-life, red-blooded women?s bodies! Mass Media Mania The mass media idealizes thinness and demands impossible standards for women to consider themselves ?attractive?. Print and broadcast advertisements, television, film, and music exalt the tall, white, thin, tubular blonde haired woman (usually with implants) as the ideal. Because of the prevalence of these images presented as the norm in all media, modern women are forced to acknowledge the difference between what they see in their bedroom mirrors and those unreal presentations of perfection. In a 2004 Westminster University publication, Professors Dittmar and Howard made this statement regarding the prevalence of unrealistic media images: ?Ultra-thin models are so prominent that exposure to them becomes unavoidable and 'chronic', constantly reinforcing a discrepancy for most women and girls between their actual size and the ideal body.? Since then, according to the same research team (Dittmar and Howard), women?s sizes have grown larger, while societal standards of body shape have become thinner. And only a very small percentage of women in Western Countries live up to the criteria the media uses to define beauty. This universal increase in beauty pressure for women of all ages and sizes to meet media?s impossible standards has increased our negative feelings about our bodies. The same year as the Westminster report (2004), Dove? Industries studied the effects of these images on women?s self-esteem and discovered that onl y 2% of women worl dwide f el t good about t heir appearance! That?s both sad and crazy! And no news to me! Ironically, 2004 was the time ` in my coaching practice that my clients?concerns seem to focus less on lifestyle success and more on specific body issues. Diet, exercise, and their apparent failure to lose weight, keep in off, and reduce their jeans?size became the dominant subject matter in our sessions. As a former dancer/ choreographer and professional fitness expert, I expected the majority of my clientele to hire me because of my knowledge and experience in those fields. As a certified Law of Attraction specialist, I knew my expertise went beyond simple diet and exercise, so I included those principles in my practice and attracted the clients who would most benefit from my whole person approach. Page 9 - February, 2016